How to Teach Your Child Spanish at Home FREE!

They said that if you wanted your kids to learn something, teach them young. Like learning a second language, for example, Spanish, it can easily be taught by children when you start educating them at a young age. In fact, children’s knowledge should begin in their homes and administer by their parents for free. But […]

Can you Learn Grammar by Reading?

Learn and study is correlated with meaning, but they are different in sense. The word “learn” means to gain knowledge or skills while “study” means to read, to study anything, remember words, to go to schools, etc. So, going back to the main question – Can you learn grammar by reading? The answer is, NO, […]

How fast can you Learn Russian?

To learn Russian quickly depends on many factors your motivation, your learning ability, your native tongue, the language program, and the learning materials, you used. As Russia’s economy advances, learning Russian is not only a means of understanding their culture, but it is also a way to bridge the gap of communication to the Russian […]

How Long Does it Take to Learn Arabic?

It depends on what’s your goal on learning it. If you like to speak Arabic, it will take less time than to read and write. Learning Arabic can be difficult, and it will need a ton of commitment and focus, to achieve the stats of fluency in learning, like any other language. If you like […]

Linguist vs. Polyglot: What’s the difference?

Linguist vs. Polyglot: What’s the difference? These two, are very confusing. Many people confused about a linguist, and a Polyglot. Some think these two terms are correlated, but they’re not. So, what’s the difference? The difference between a linguist and a Polyglot is, a linguist can able to explain the rules clearly on syntax, and […]

The Best Books for Learning the German Language

The Best Books for Learning the German Language Learning a foreign language is quite arduous, and very tricky but worth it. Do you want to boost your reading skills? Have you ever anxious to which book offers excellent results, or considering a comprehensive reference for learning German? This post will give you some overview and […]