is a review site for language activities, courses and language schools. Your academy will have an optimized space where it will appear along with its description, making it visible to potential students looking for language courses.

Our main products are contact forms and leads which will help you to attract more students. These forms are completed specifically for your academy or school, meaning whoever completes the forms has seen your profile and will exclusively request information from you. In addition, we ensure that prospective leads are high quality and come from wealthy countries: the US, UK, Germany, France. You will be able to verify this guaranteed quality yourself when students begin to contact you (for instance, you will see that there is no lead from someone who has requested information from hundreds of sites).

Your Language Business on MLB

In addition to optimizing your profile on the web with the use of these forms, your school’s phone number and website address will appear on your page. This way you will receive calls directly from interested students and a number of visits to your page (approximately 10 visits for each lead), both of which will become a percentage of your clients. We cannot calculate the number of calls and visits that you will receive,o s we do not charge for it. Instead, we offer it as a bonus.

Furthermore, for each region or destination we will promote a maximum of three academies and for this reason we have limited places for whichever schools purchase our services first. For example, dozens of academies will appear on the list for Malaga, but 80% of the visits will be received by the two or three academies located at the top of the page (the academies that have purchased our services). We cannot put more than a limited number.

It is also important to note that Sandy Allain was the Marketing Director at Enforex-Don Quijote for 9 years, where it grew from a small school to one of the largest. These companies provided leads at a price from 10 to 20 euros each, whereas we offer it at less than 1 euro.