Sandy is a French entrepreneur and expat who has been living in Madrid for 10 years. After having completed degrees in multimedia technologies and IT in Canada and the USA, Sandy arrived in Spain as a student to learn Spanish, like you will soon. Sandy has three main passions: the internet, travel, and languages…

Rapidly seduced by the Spanish culture and way of living he decided to move to the charming country of Cervantes and Goya. The weather, the sunshine, the exceptional amiability of the people, and the permanent and festive nightlife were the reasons he selected the captivating city of Madrid (the Spanish capital) as his new home.

From 2003 to 2008, Sandy was lucky enough to be hired by the largest language school in Madrid work with his three passions to create the Internet / Marketing department at that school. And because of his passion for this work, he was quickly successful while working on what he enjoyed doing most!

Since this job required Sandy to be constantly up-to-date in his field, Sandy became an international traveler, attended many conferences, and he had the privilege of holding unexpected meetings with people passionate about language learning. In 2008, this fast-paced life of freedom and travel obliged him to take a pause and think about new experiences and prolonged stays in various countries.

Once back in Madrid, and after various successful collaborations, he decided to put his expertise to work to help his own current and future clients choose a language school and save time while comparing the different options available on the internet. He decided to propose the best pedagogical options and selection of extra-curricular activities. And through this, MLB was born!