Keep it short and descriptive as it will appear on search results instead of the link description
Visitors can filter their search by the categories and amenities they want - so make sure you choose them wisely and include all the relevant ones
Visitors can filter their search by the amenities too, so make sure you include all the relevant ones.
Leave this blank if the location is not important.
Feel free to change the text format to fit your needs.
Do you want to allow employees to apply with their Facebook profile?

Q: What Is The Difference Between Featured Listings & Featured Search Results?

A: It is easy when you look at this example.
A featured listing is a listing that is shown prominently in its own category.
For example, when students got to the destination page of language school in Madrid, featured listings show first.

A featured search result is a listing that is shown to people if they are performing a search. This could mean that even if students search for Spain, a featured search listing will be shown there.

Q: How Do I Get The Leads?

A: We generate the leads for you via our website and you will receive them right to your dedicated business email address.

Q: What Can I Do With The Leads?

A: It is your obligation to contact the leads as soon as possible to get in touch with them via email or if they did provide additional information via phone number even regular mail.  The longer you wait to do this the more unlikely it is that a lead is still “fresh” and interested in your school offer as they already have forgotten that they asked you for your school information (unfortunately this is human behavior and happens across all professions and industries). Important: You can contact the lead personally.