What is the fastest way to become fluent in Spanish?

Is it true you can try to pick up any language in 6 months? This is not easy. There are many who have tried and failed, while others have succeeded. What’s the secret? Some say that the key to success is total immersion. Others suggest it’s all about dedication and hard work. And, of course, […]

The 7 Mexican Slang Greetings You Should Avoid

Mexican culture is rich and vibrant, but not everyone knows how to greet people in the language of Mexico. Here are 10 Mexican slang words you might want to avoid if you’re running for public office (or if you don’t know the recipient well). But they can be a casual form of greeting among friends […]

Can you really learn Spanish in a year?

This post will answer the widely asked question i.e. Can I learn Spanish in a year? Learning Spanish in one year is possible for anyone who has the discipline and diligence to commit themselves to it. Before embarking on the journey of learning Spanish, it is important to know why you want to learn this […]

Funny Spanish phrases that will enable you to speak like a native

Funny Spanish phrases that will enable you to speak like a native Learning a language can be both challenging and frustrating. You may feel like you’re struggling to say three basic things in Spanish and there’s still so much vocabulary that you don’t know yet.It is important to have patience and not feel discouraged: learning […]

9 steps to achieve fluency in Spanish

The Spanish language is easy to learn for English speakers. The grammar is relatively straightforward, and there is no gender. It’s also a language of South America and the Caribbean, two regions where English speakers are less likely to feel out of place. All of these factors make Spanish a language that English speakers can […]

5 best ways to learn Spanish by yourself as a beginner

Learning Spanish can be a bit tricky especially for beginners. But you don’t need to worry about that however you have to put your efforts in the right directions. If you ask me what are the 5 best ways to learn Spanish by yourself. My answer will be the following: 1- Learn the fundamentals of […]