Madrid is deemed to be one of the most glorious cities in Spain. It is also the most visited place when it comes to genuine art and, of course, learning the Spanish language. While there are myriads of famous spots to visit and discover around Madrid, Spanish schools within the metropolis are going to be your best preference to learn Spanish. It’s where you are guaranteed to quickly learn the language, especially if you choose to live and establish a career in the country.

Spanish ranks second most spoken global language, which is why many individuals wanted to learn it. When it comes to the quality of language education in Madrid, mainly Spanish, there’s a wide range of language schools to choose from. As expected, they all equally provide the same quality and output of teaching and curriculum for anyone who wishes to learn the language. It’s a learning that is open to everyone worldwide whose goal is to learn and speak Spanish fluidly.

For many years now, there had been an increase in foreigners who are not just visiting the country but migrating as well. Exchange and international students emigrate to Madrid to take leverage of its rich culture, climate, cuisines, learn more about Picasso, Goya, and their famous artworks, the city’s unique musical structure, and of course, its persuasive language – Spanish. It is one of the primary rationales why language schools in this Spanish capital have gradually magnified, making it harder to pick which one is the perfect fit.

But what makes Madrid the “apple of the eye” for travelers and those who seek to learn the Spanish language? What does Madrid have that will make anyone stay?

Besides being one of the most stunning cities in Europe, this remarkable capital boasts a lot of inviting discoveries and spots to luxuriate in. Its rich history, society, and tradition continuously keep this city on the map. So, if you wanted to speak Spanish like you were born in the country or make friends easily anywhere in the world, then learning the Spanish language in the beautiful city of Madrid is the best choice.


If you aim to be part of the 500 million individuals who can speak Spanish flawlessly, you must pick a school that can nurture and support your dream. Here’s a list of the best language courses in Madrid that teaches Spanish. It is because the quality of education should never be compromised.

Tandem Madrid

  • For a student to quickly grasp and comprehend a lesson, it should be executed or instructed engagingly and pleasantly. That’s the Tandem Madrid approach. Way back 2000, this school is just one of the many other language schools accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. Their teaching technique is by doing small group teachings were members of the class interact with one another using the new language, like Spanish. Some courses offer students the to learn Spanish by combining their passion like the arts, wine tasting, flamenco, or even watching legendary Spanish movies. Tandem also establishes an interaction between a local who is learning English and a foreigner who is studying the Spanish language.

AIL Madrid

  • Their approach includes both academics and everything that is Spanish. With a diverse range of international students, AIL opts to take their Spanish language teaching ahead. Since the school is located at one of the metros’ most beautiful parks, they take advantage of what they have to improve the language’s learning, grasp the culture, expand their social network, and understand the entire Spanish community.

Academia Contacto

  • Also, an Instituto Cervantes certified, this school offers a more flexible curriculum that matches their students’ preferences and needs. They offer both an ease off and an intensive course which students a free to choose. The learning approach’s comfort uses fun and relaxing methods, while the intensive learning approach requires students to attend a full-time lesson every week. Its institution, however, maintains a small group per class to make sure that each and every student are receiving the proper teaching and attention. They even offer a one-on-one session that is a bit customizable. They also have immersion programs where students can live with a local host family where their Spanish language skills can be enhanced even more. They are also encouraged to join Spanish-related festivities, and a company internship was communicating using the new language will be highly exercised.

LAE Madrid

  • Located right at the heart of the city, this Spanish school is certified by the Instituto Cervantes group. Teachers and instructors are highly trained for them to keep up with the educational trend, technology, and methods that will boost their skills and become more effective language teachers. They, too, keep up a small group class to be able to attend to every student’s needs and concerns. They offer evening sessions and an exclusive course involving families and kids. They also have General or Business Spanish programs as well as one-on-one student sessions. Students who choose to live with the Spanish community offer accommodation services where students can opt to live independently or live with a foster family while enrolled in the Spanish learning course.


  • This school has courses that will teach your learn Spanish from scratch or if you just wanted to develop the current language skill that you have. They also have one-on-one sessions, standard, part-time, and intensive courses that will fit your goals and preferences. Students will have to undergo an assessment for the school to determine the suited course for you. Situated in a modern building at Madrid’s center, this school also offers solo living, living with a local or international student, or staying with a host family.

International House Madrid

  • For over 30 years, the International House has been a beacon of hope to those who wanted to learn Spanish and other foreign languages. What’s unique about their course is that you’ll be able to travel the seven prime cities of Spain as part of the curriculum, plus you can also take advantage of the perks of being a tourist while learning at the same time. This one’s their “sightseeing course.” They also provide an excellent course for those who wanted to understand Spain’s culture and language that are over 50 years of age. They also have other establishments all over the metropolis.

Estudio Sampere

  • Europe is a dream destination for almost everyone on the planet, and you will absolutely never run out of reasons why. Now that you are pretty much informed about the things and destinations that can get you started to know Spain well, let’s digest some of the most exciting points why you and many others should study Madrid’s Spanish language.


Given that the country alone feels like home to you speaking and communicating in Spanish is somewhat fulfilling. Knowing that it can open a lot of opportunities in career and education, you will definitely want the best to achieve your dreams and aspirations. Now, here’s something for you.

  • Madrid is the center of every town.

Once you are in Madrid, every town around it will be easy for you to travel in less than 8 hours. It holds a good location, which gives Philip II the reason to make it Spain’s gateway and center. With its AVE super-high-speed train, traveling the country has been made even more convenient.

  • Madrid is your Spanish learning cutting edge.

Spanish nowadays is either the first or second well-versed language by almost 500 million people worldwide. With nearly 50 million Spanish speaking students in over 90 countries, it is no wonder that it dominated the second spot as the most widely used and spoken language globally. Next to English, Spanish is the most chosen language learned by many, and it is foreseen that by the year 2050, 10% of the global community will be speaking the language. The U.S, however, is expected to be the first-ever Spanish-speaking country by that time. Surprisingly, even the Internet ranked it as the third language widely used on the entire web.

  • Spanish students further their learning in Madrid.

Because Spanish is becoming an essential language, most of the Spanish learning community travels to Madrid to further their knowledge about the language and its culture. This progress dramatically happens every year now, so to speak.

  • Madrid is the focal point of progress and innovation.

When it comes to technology and structural framework, Madrid is considered the global core. Major trade fairs are being held in Madrid every year where SIMO, Fitur, Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, and Arco are just some of the big names who never miss out on the event. Both national and international companies are based in Madrid, like the Bank of Spain, the World Tourism Organization, the Central State Administration, the Stock Exchange, and a lot more. When it comes to exhibition centers and showrooms, Madrid boasts Ifema for its excellent facilities and is one of Europe’s leading names when it comes to significant event hosting.

  • Madrid is all about art.

If you are searching for genuine, authentic, and classic art, Madrid is your ultimate gateway. Part of learning any global language is the discovery of their history. The moment you arrived in Madrid, you will be greeted by a welcoming party composed of Velázquez, Goya, and of course, Picasso. See, it’s self-evident how Spain values, secure, and nurture their culture and history. It’s what molded them. This present-day breed of architects chose Spain, Madrid, mainly because of the city’s magnificent structures that are their source of inspiration in their designs and layout.

  • Madrid embraces everyone

If you seek to learn Spanish in Madrid and come from a foreign country, you do not have to worry about adjusting and fitting in because this city will never judge or ask where you came from. They will instantly welcome you and embrace you as their own. It’s an open-house country of people from diverse cultures, races, and lifestyles.

  • Madrid is also one of the cities that never sleep.

If you’re a nocturnal person and prefer an all-nighter kind of set up, Madrid is also the right place for you. Everything is possible in Madrid, they say. Because after the sun sets, Madrid opens its curtains to a whole lot of evening fun and leisure.

Europe considers education as an essential factor in the development of a nation and its success. Spain, just like any other country, values quality when it comes to teachings and learnings. Still, most importantly, they offer students a curriculum that will make them learn more about the arts, architecture, culinary prowess, history, music, and athletics. In essence, Madrid is an “all-in” kind of city with everything you need when it comes to learnings and enhancing skills. It is the reason why when it comes to Spanish language schools; you are offered the best selection of institutions that will make sure that you will learn and speak Spanish like you’re naturally born with it.


Life is a continuous journey of learning. It’s inevitable, and no one can take that right away from you. Whether you already know how to speak Spanish and would like to improve it or wanted to learn the language from scratch, there is a school in Madrid that will present you with courses and options that will suit your needs and lifestyle. Learning a new language nowadays does not require you to come to class and complete a full-load schedule regularly. Instead, you can already pick a more convenient program where you can give your full time and energy to learn.

Learning a new and foreign language is indeed a challenge, but you can easily battle those obstacles for as long as you have goals that you wanted to fulfill. Besides, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in gaining new knowledge and travel the world to achieve it finally. For instance, Madrid is not just a beautiful, historic city but rather a destination filled with so much history, culture, and art. Its prominent tradition is only one of the many reasons foreigners wanted to live the rest of their lives in Europe. What’s more inviting are the language schools that offer professional assistance for you to learn Spanish, establish a career, and achieve your goals.

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