Eat up Madrid at the 2016 Gastrofestival

The City of Madrid, Spain invites visitors from around the world to experience its amazing Gastrofestival from January 23rd to February 7th. For more than two weeks at the end of January and through early February, Madrid will be transformed into the world capital of gastronomy. Whether you’ve already planned a trip to Madrid or not, you should consider a visit to this exclusive festival if you love both food and culture. Food lovers should trek to the city in order to enjoy first rate cuisine during the Madrid Fusion International Gastronomy Summit. The prestigious international summit is an important event on the international gourmet calendar for professional chefs to come together in order to present their world-class food. Fortunately, much of the summit spills out onto the city streets in the form of unique food-related activities, culinary workshops, gastronomy-themed exhibitions and plenty of opportunities to enjoy fantastic food from around the world.

The Gastrofestival will be the perfect opportunity to get to know Spain’s gastronomy through its cafés, restaurants, bars, museums, gourmet shops, movies related to cuisine, art and photography exhibitions, and theater. This will be the seventh year that Madrid has hosted the world’s most awaited gastronomic festival of the year. Besides being a great event to experience tapas tours and exceptional culinary presentations, the Gastrofestival would be a great way to learn about a foreign language and culture.

Spain’s capital city is one of the most culturally distinctive cities in Europe. Madrid has a cultural mix that is characterized by its historic rise from a small village to a thriving capital. The city boasts stunning architecture with its combination of historic structures and modern high-rise buildings. When visiting Madrid, it soon becomes clear that its residents truly know how to enjoy life. The city is filled with unique bars and exciting nightclubs that have become an integral part of the city’s culture. Overall, the Gastrofestival is one of the best times to visit Madrid if you are looking to be immersed in a new language and culture.

The Gastrofestival presents an incredible quantity of events to enjoy. For example, the Lazaro Galdiano Museum will participate for the sixth consecutive year by offering a series of activities that allow visitors to discover a fascinating collection of art exhibits related to gastronomy. A free guided visit through the museum will allow you to learn about the relationship between art and food. Additionally, the National Museum of Anthropology will invite Chef Miguel Angel Valdivieso for a workshop that will feature cuisine from the La Cevicuchería Peruvian restaurant.

It will be essential to have a well-planned trip in order to experience all that the Gastrofestival has to offer. MylanguageBreak, a language course agency based in Madrid, would be a great place to learn more about the Gastrofestival and immersion programs that could help you make the most of your visit to Spain. The agency provides language courses along with activities, get-togethers, and cultural programs that relate to the Gastrofestival.