spanish speech therapistLearning a new language can be an intimidating task to take one. Spanish is among the most widely spoken languages globally so it is a good language to know how to speak and understand especially if you plan on traveling abroad. What you might not know is that including a specialize speech therapist as part of your Spanish learning support team can make a tremendous difference in the way you speak the language. It can be the very thing that is the difference between sounding like a complete novice and being confident in fluently speaking the language.

One of the ways that a spanish pronunciation teacher can be of assistance to you when you are learning Spanish is in the pronounciation of certain sounds that are required in the Spanish language that are not included in a great many other languages. One of these sounds is the rolling “r” sound. This can be a difficult sound to master for many but it is absolutely necessary to being well spoken and easily understood. It is important to communicate as clearly as possible when traveling to a country that is predomintely Spanish speaking.

Speech therapists can also be helpful in achieving an acceptable accent when speaking another language. The way different languages are pronounced in the mouth differ and it can be difficult to unlearn the accenct you may already have and replace it with an accent that sounds authentic to that language you are speaking. Different regions of the Spanish speaking world apply different accents to the language depending on the region, much like many other languages. A speech therapist is familiar with the issues that come with pronouncing sounds a certain way and is the best possible resource for developing the verbal skills required to speak the Spanish language clearly no matter where exactly you happen to be traveling.

Before your trip to Spain or any other part of the Spanish speaking world, it is important that you are familiar with the language and able to clearly communicate to others. This means pronouncing words properly and without applying an accent that might make it difficult for others to grasp what you are trying to say. So, while speech therapy isn’t typically a resource associated with learning a new language, it most certainly should be.

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