Success Language Student Secret # 1: The Power Of Immersion: Why Apps & Language Books Are Not Enough

Learning a new language is always a challenge and always require students to put effort into it. But the most successful language students that learn the fastest actually have more fun doing so and it amazingly within a short period of time. In our 5 part series, we explore what are the 5 most effective fun strategy to master any language.

Language books and apps are a good start if you want to get started with a language, especially if you use the new generation language apps with artificial intelligence (one of them is being discussed at our blog This Language App With Artificial Intelligence Will Speed Up Your Learning Success). Watching language videos and TV programs in another language also help a lot.

It is actually the first step as the number one success strategy called immersion. Successful language students actually immerse themselves in a new language they want to learn. Immersion means that you fully dive into a complete experience with the language even when you do not seem to understand a lot at all.

The easiest way and most annoying at the same time is changing the language of your smartphone into the new language – this will force you to deal with the language every hour, every day all week long and you will learn some good basic understanding of a language in no time.

Of course, this is just the start and just one example of things that you can do. You could get starting cooking new dishes from the country and get recipes both in your own language to cook them as well in the original language (it is better to cook the recipes in your own language first if you are a fairly new beginner in order to make sure the dish is prepared correctly!).

Immersion always happens when you involve your whole life into a new language with every possible option to interact with the language in a practical way. Some people go to the extreme that they start to date people from the desired country.

A much easier way is to find a local conversation club, where people from one country get together that want to learn and improve in YOUR mother language. You might find also local organizations that help social causes like for example assisting refugees or other people in need.

Anything that involves people from the country of the language that you want to learn will help you to speed up your learning experience.

And the next strategy number 2 actually takes immersion to the highest level: temporary relocation.

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