# 2 The Power Of Location: Why Traveling Students Are The Most Successful

Immersion as the number 1 strategy says that you learn the fastest and easiest and the most fun if you involve yourself as much as possible into the culture and language on a day to day base.

The key strategy to bring this to the highest level is relocation. Some people already think of taking “some vacation” to the countries where the languages are spoken. But the vacation idea can actually backfire and not be the most helpful if you do it like a regular traveler.

If you travel as a regular holidaymaker you probably will encounter people that will speak English as well so you will be tempted (if English is your mother language) to fall back into speaking English instead of trying to speak the local language and if you book a regular trip you might end up with an all-inclusive offer and will be tempted not to leave the place too often.

The real successful language students book travels in a completely different way. They actually look for a language school in their favorite city (hint: that is our mission here at www.mylanguagebreak.com to help students to find their perfect destination match!) and those students then enroll themselves into a language training program.

In combination with that, they book to stay with guest families instead of hotels where they are forced to speak the language in everyday life situations. This is true of immersion where you actually are FORCED to learn or you might end up not getting the right food you want to eat and you will be constantly annoyed to be misunderstood.

So when you then visit museums and cultural events you can do so with other fellow students at the language schools and with your tutors and will now experience a complete different environment where you will be for example at the museum not be tempted to switch to your own mother language if you get an audio-system that guides you through an exhibition.

You will go out to dance but actually are able to participate in a dance course and get lessons in the desired language you want to learn – so you have immense fun learning two skills at the same time, learning new dance moves and a new language at the same time.

The ultimate leverage is when you are able to participate in a working environment. Some language schools offer students to become interns and help along with the day to day work at the language school themselves or have a network of companies where language students can learn and work for a short-term period during their stay. This is the ultimate challenging situation where you will learn the fastest as here you have to be serious and need to show real effort and dedication to success. Whereas entertaining environments like dancing or visiting museums are more forgiving.

The traveling students also have another success strategy #3 at hand: urgency.

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