# 3 The Power Of Motivation: If It Is Urgent It Will Be Done Fast

Nothing gets things done than urgency. So it is just natural that urgency is the third success strategy for language students who want to master a language. Language students that understand immersion and relocation as major success factors know that urgency is really important as an essential success strategy as well.

For example, there are many retired people that travel to their dream holiday vacation spots and spend several months there during the winter time to escape the cold. But guess what, many of those travelers still barely speak a word of another language besides “hello”, “good day” and “thank you”. Why is that?

Those retired vacationers have no urgency to learn a language and usually travel and book their travel in areas where many other tourists of their native language will go. They have no need to learn the language, they always say they “would love to” speak it, but there is no urgent need to really learning it.

That why combining a language training where you travel to a country in combination with a work opportunity is best. It puts you under the urgency to improve your or “getting fired” (even those work environments are forgiving and they all know you are there to learn also the language).

If you need to study for an examen a lot of people perform better when they are getting close to the actual date of the examen and will try to study harder in the last days before the test is going to happen.

Learning a language is a process though and not just one test to take. Of course, if you want to achieve an official certification (which is another good way to create urgency for you!) then you have put yourself under a bit more pressure.

Using urgency does not mean you have to skip all the fun part. It is actually the other way: if you are able to put yourself under pressure you will have so much more time left during your language travel trip that you will be able to do MORE fun things because you progress in your language success so much faster.

One urgency strategy can be that you actually apply for a job that requires you to have the language skills when you return back home to your original country where you live in.

One natural urgency is building inside every language travel trip: it has a definite end. So you know when you come home after several weeks or months – everyone will ask you how it was and will expect you show off your new language skills.

So what then when this exciting and motivational language trip is all over then.

Here we go with strategy 4: the network effect.

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