# 4 The Power Of Connection: The Network Effect

Smart language students know about networking effects. They might have started to look for authentic food and found a restaurant that they liked so much that they became friends with the owner and then helped them to translate their menu better into their native language.

They might have found a food store selling specific ingredients and ended up being invited to a private party of a native speaker they met in the same store that wanted to show you how to prepare a specific dish correctly.

In the end, everything comes down to networking: connecting with people. Get over the fear talking with strangers. Don’t be shy to ask for help about a language. This is actually like a fun game where you collect experience points the more people are you are talking with.

For example when you go on a language trip as described in the last strategies chapters, then it is very important that you develop and keep all your contacts because when you leave a country and have made friendships and business connections alike and this will increase your own success value for further language and career development.

This network effect, however, is a bit tricky: you never know the true value of a person you meet. So it is best to stay open-minded and just be open to connect with people without the urgent need that you need to “connect for a reason” (like for business). The more open you approach this strategy the more likely you will create a group of people around you that sooner or later might need your help and would be very happy to return a favor.

One of our authors here that write for MyLanguageBreak.com, for example, got their first invitation to the United States and got a full paid flight back and forth to a guest family because they did connect so well during their holiday with the family when he worked as a guest student in an international holiday resort in Germany.

So take this success strategy as a mission and fun task to get in touch with as many people as you can in the target language countries. With the Internet today there are so many options including couch surfing and other networking opportunities like in website like meetup.com

Every person you meet is an opportunity to grow and advance. Remember, learning a language is a process and in order to get better and better you need to keep going and get the momentum flowing.

Which is our last and final fifth success strategy: momentum.

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