# 5 The Power Of Achievement: Feeling Good For A Reason Keeps You Going

Learning a language happens in different stages. First, you walk your first steps, the first words, basic phrases and basic verbs. Then you start to understand the structure of a language and add grammatical knowledge and lots of practice to get fluent. This initial phase can be fast and fun if you use the strategies mentioned: Immersion, Location, Motivation, and Connection.

Then comes the hard part: mastery of the language. In order to have a real achievement, you need NOT stop at this point and keep mastering the language and keep MOMENTUM going.

This could mean you start watching news and television and movies in full versions of the original language. It could mean that you apply for a job that requires the language as a requirement to get hired. It can definitely mean that you should get a certified diploma in the language.

It is important that you keep challenging yourself and never think that “now you know the language quite well already”. The strategy of “never-ending lifetime learning” is what makes successful people stand out all over the world. In learning a language you have to look at yourself and feel good about what you have achieved (that language travel you did was quite amazing and you still want to go back, again!). And then use all that good feelings – that are based on REAL achievements –

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