Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Make A Resolution To Learn Spanish In 2019

Learning Spanish is an excellent way to communicate with people while travelling, converse with multi-lingual people in your hometown, or simply to impress your friends. But there are plenty of other benefits that come along with this language that aren’t as obvious. Read the top reasons for learning Spanish and get started today!

1. Spanish is spoken all over the world.

There are 21 countries where the majority of the population speaks Spanish! Rather than learning a new language in each country you travel to, you can simply learn the dialects in each location in a fraction of the time. Learning Spanish makes it easier to see the world!

2. Learning a new language improves your learning abilities in other areas of your life.

Language covers a wide variety of academic disciplines: mathematics, computer programming, literature, cultural studies, and even history! Taking the time to learn a language will provide you with these additional benefits, as well as jump start your mind for learning other topics if it has been a while since you have challenged it.

3. Speaking Spanish will create more job opportunities for you.

Learning Spanish can provide you with job opportunities both overseas and in your hometown! You could work as a translator, a bi-lingual speaker in almost any field, or teach Spanish to others in your community. Of course this also helps for getting a job abroad, both if you are visiting or planning on relocating to a Spanish speaking country. Regardless of where you are located, there are plenty of Spanish speakers that need your skills, and the language will give you a competitive edge in the job market.

4. Spanish is a Beautiful language

A language is more than a logical structure of words, it is an art form. It is used to express emotions, stories, poetry, and much more. Spanish is, after all, a romance language! Learning this language will allow you to be more expressive and expand your vocabulary in ways that just speaking one language cannot. It also allows you to read Spanish texts, view Spanish plays and movies, and hold Spanish conversations without needing a translation, a direct and accurate way to interpret the culture connected to the language.

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