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Since 1986 is Escuela Montalbán the trusted expert in Granada when it comes to learning Spanish. For over 30 years they provide a friendly atmosphere and unforgettable cultural experiences that help students to achieve their language goals.

The Andalusian style school building is situated just 10 minutes from the city center of Granada. Accredited by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes since 2002 and being part of TANDEM International, which is a big network of language schools in Europe and overseas they welcome around 800 students every year.

While you can take classes in groups and as one-on-one as in every other school, Escuela Montalbán offers a special opportunity called “Learn with at a teacher’s home” where you have the unique opportunity to live close to the Sierra Nevada National Park and combines a traditional Spanish course with full board accommodation and personal one-on-one coaching, experiencing the traditional “Spanish host family” experience, just that your host is also your teacher.

There are culture workshops, conversational workshops, and writing workshops. Special classes are offered for families.

There are courses with a focus on business, and if you are a teacher, there are customized classes for you as well. There is a course for the medical profession and a special course for the tourism industry.

You can prepare and obtain your official Spanish diploma with the DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) or go for an SIELE certificate.

Escuela Montalbán awards scholarships for young students on beginner levels and offers to a 2 weeks Spanish course with 4 group lessons of 45 minutes per day.

The language courses are combined with exciting cultural experiences – learn how to dance Flamenco, Tango or Salsa, enjoy outdoor activities like horseback riding, hiking, rock climbing in the Sierra Nevada, Yoga, cooking lessons, a ceramic tile painting workshop or explore exciting city photo walks.

Escuela Montalbán believes that a great accommodation is a foundation that you feel excited, confident and motivated while you stay in Granada and reach your language goals.

Chose the perfect way to stay according to your budget and privacy needs. Share flats with other language students or shared flats with other Spanish residents instead. Stay with a Spanish host family. For more privacy, there are many options for Hotels and as a special option, there is original Spanish casa rural. The most exciting accommodation is the above mentioned “Stay with your teacher” option where you stay directly at your teacher’s home close to the Sierra Nevada National Park.

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  1. Spanish at Escuela Montalbán

    Escuela Montalbán has got quite a few things going its way.
    Firstly, the location. Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and while there are other that are bigger, or have a beach right on the edge of the city, none has the charm that she does.
    My second point is along the same tracks, but more precise. The location within the city. It is pretty much in the city centre so it’s easy to get to and you can go sightseeing straight from the class without wasting time. Yet it is not in the busy, noisy, tourist laden part, so apart from the lone dog barking from time to time, the area is very quite, which as you can imagine, is quite the ideal place for a school to be at.
    Now since this is a school, let’s dive into the good stuff, classes. I spent a couple of weeks here doing the Standard course, and over the course of my time there, I had classes or at least contact with pretty much every staff member. They are, obviously, all different, but they do have one thing in common though, and that’s the passion for teaching and the patience required to do so well. All of them are very friendly and try to find new ways of reaching and captivating their students, as they know that the old ways are not necessarily always the best. Ranging from board games, through watching videos and movies to discussing the hot topics of the day (Cataluña in my case) there was always interesting to do. Obviously, you can’t just skip grammar, but it can be complemented by interesting and fun things to do, so after having learned something, you use it in order to remember it for longer than the first 30mins after the class is over.
    And last but certainly not least, there’s the cultural program that they offer. Cultural program is an important part of language apprehension, as it’s not just the language classes that you need to have in order to learn properly, you also need to get to know the culture/s behind the language and socialize a bit either with other students or locals, which once again, promotes the use of Spanish, that is the only way that you truly learn and improve.
    TL:DR – I had a blast while in Escuela Montalbán, and would deffo recommend to anyone.

  2. They really strive to form courses consisting of people with a similar level of Spanish in order to make the classes effective and useful.

    The language school Escuela Montalbán in the center of Granada is a cosy and matey place. It is situated in a small building on two levels with three small class rooms each. You get to know all the staff very quickly as there are about 15 people working here and some of them are – good for them – on holiday as it is high summer time at the moment.
    The first and third week I took part in regular courses with only three students plus, of course, the teacher. We had two classes per day starting with a grammar class followed by a conversation class. The school’s administation goes to great length in organizing the courses concerning the students‘ language levels. They really strive to form courses consisting of people with a similar level of Spanish in order to make the classes effective and useful. I also took private lessons during one week which I can recommend because it is super-intensive and very effective when the teacher concentrates fully on you.
    As far as I am concerned, I do not only study at this school but I also do an internship under supervision of Margret Fortman who is the school’s marketing and public relations manager. Therefore I review or write texts for the school’s website. I have to admit that these texts are in English or German (I am from Berlin) as my Spanish is by far not yet good enough for professional purposes.
    When I arrived I was classified level A2 in Spanish, certainly an accurate classification in theory but in daily life I felt like level zero basically. That has significantly changed in only three weeks thanks to the lessons I took and thanks to the teachers that gave them. All teachers are professional, highly motivated, kind and funny at times, too.
    As I enjoy biking a lot, I bought a bike second hand and so I am exploring the city and the countryside in my spare time. The landscape has flat terrain when you go along the river Genil that flows through the city into the plains and there are of course hills and the Sierra Nevada. A mountain range that goes up to about 3000 m (9000 ft). And for all of you who like biking, too or who are into a little challenge: To the second highest peak leads a path suitable for bikes with an average gradiant of only 5 percent.
    The learning gradiant is for sure higher at Escuela Montalbán.

  3. Definitely recommendable!

    Located in the centre of Granada the school offers a variety of activities to do during the break between the Spanish lessons or after your classes have finished. The classes are very small which provide an excellent working atmosphere as well as an ambience of familiarity.

    I was really happy when I got the confirmation for my two-months internship from the Spanish school Escuela Montalbán. My work consists of translation and web design of the school’s web site. Furthermore, I could calculate costs and complete data bases. The school offers a perfect opportunity for people who want to do an internship in the administration area. It never get’s boring.

    In addition to my internship I got offered language courses in order to improve my Spanish. When you are in the classroom it does not feel like lessons. The hours of class are filled with humour and exiting topics to talk about. You will not notice how one and a half hour will pass by. Of course, the educational part is not missing, and you will see progress like I did after one week only. Complex topics are explained very clear and the teachers do their best to make a complex topic transparent.

    Let me tell you about accommodation now. I shared a flat with students from all over the world and different ages. It is an unforgettable experience which I totally recommend to everyone. Meeting new people -for some people- might cost some overcoming but people who travel in order to learn a language are nice. Another advantage is that you get quicker in touch with new people and create a friendship which lasts beyond your stay here.

    Apart from the fact that Granada is a fantastic city for university students because it offers historical heritage as well as a good night life, Granada has a lot of parks where you can you can just hang out or have a good time with your friends. Some parks are really easy to reach but for some you have to make a little effort, but it is totally worth it. When you are in Granada you definitely should not miss the park Carmen de los Martires. From there you can see the town from the birds-eye-view and the park has a lot of beautiful flowers and fountains. It is right next to the garden of the Alhambra.

    The garden of the Alhambra is called Generalife. It is composed of the Lower Gardens, the Generalife Palace and the High Gardens. Nowadays the denomination of the Generalife is commonly accepted as the Garden or Gardens of the Alarife, meaning the garden of the constructor or architect. First you will see the New Gardens of the Generalife, which connect the Generalife with the Alhambra, integrating them with nature.

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