There are thousands of people who drive long distances to and from work at least five days out of each week. Sometimes it feels like this time is just being squandered. However, there are ways to utilize the time spent on the road or merely sitting in traffic such as by learning the Spanish language. This is a more useful way to pass the time.

Fortunately, there are numerous approaches to liven up your drive and make it an increasingly beneficial piece of your day. In this article, we’ll be talking about the best choices for learning Spanish while you are in motion either physically or in your vehicle.

Safety Tips in Learning Spanish on the Go


In case you’re in a hurry (driving), of course, your consideration should be about the road and driving. Otherwise, here are a few hints to enable you to securely and safely learn Spanish while driving:

  • Don’t try to use a program that requires frequent pausing, repeating, typing, and looking at images or other actions from you.
  • Don’t choose a super-involved or challenging program. You don’t want to be so focused on the language lesson that you start missing exits. Instead, your commute might be a great time to brush up on yesterday’s lesson, to practice repeating after a native speaker, or to enjoy listening to music in that language. The precise program and lesson you choose to learn with depending on your level, but I recommend saving the super challenging stuff for when you’re back home.
  • Obviously, don’t watch videos while driving.
  • I mostly recommend using your commute as a supplemental activity to your main Spanish study. Learning challenging new concepts takes a good deal of concentration and can compromise you’re driving. Instead, use your commute to review.
  • If you learn some Spanish songs, your commute is also a great time to listen to them and sing along!

When your Spanish is more advanced, you can enjoy listening to Spanish-language podcasts or audiobooks. Once more, I prescribe picking digital recordings or books that you find moderately simpler.

Tip: Save the dynamic learning and testing material for some other time. Utilize your drive to survey, rehash, or tune in.

Since we are now familiar with driving safety and language learning, we will proceed onward to some recommended projects you could attempt to learn while driving!

How Much Spanish can you Learn on the go?


It is remarkably useful to hear a local speaker use words in a characteristic Spanish setting. This will assist you in identifying and matching words and fundamental expressions, just as you can start to see how sentences are organized. Where do verbs go in connection to pronouns? When and how are words conjugated? You will start to get a characteristic vibe for the synthesis of a sentence as it would be spoken in a classic conversation.

When you pick a Spanish audiobook because it seems intriguing to you, you are far less inclined to get exhausted or disheartened. Need to hear secrets? Need to hear sentiment? Need to hear activity? There’s a Spanish audiobook for everything. The more you practice, the better you will do in the long haul; so, the more you can anticipate your learning time, the better!

Another incredible part of learning Spanish with audiobooks is that you can listen whenever it’s the most convenient for you. Recess, mid-day break, when strolling to the train, doing dishes, vacuuming, these are just a few of the ordinary occasions to tune in! You can even use book recordings to learn Spanish in the vehicle no matter if you are the passenger or the driver.

However, I figure that it is difficult to achieve a set goal in learning while driving. Individuals will, in general, adapt best when they are effectively drawn in and immersed in their thoughts, which is inconceivable when you’re in the driver’s seat.

Try to allocate some time every week to learning Spanish outside the vehicle,too. Spend at least 20 minutes every day, especially when you’re at home at night. During this committed learning time, you can work through an extensive Spanish program, for example, Rocket or Pimsleur, and acquaint yourself with new words, expressions, and ideas.

During this time,you can also do exercises that require reading or writing: Read a Spanish epic, compose sentences using new vocabulary, or experiment with a crossword puzzle.

At that point, use the time in your vehicle effectively by reviewing what you’ve successfully mastered.

The 12 Best Spanish Audiobooks


Many workers depend on audiobooks to ease the weariness of a long drive. Why not try to learn in Spanish? You might be able to get some audiobooks in Spanish at your nearby library.

Some audiobooks are created for amateur students; they are designed to show the basics of the language. You may also discover Spanish interpretations of favorite English-language books.

Pick something fitting to your level and get tuning in! Audiobooks can easily be found these days due to the many forms of media and their offerings. In any case, don’t feel stressed that there are so many books to choose from. The title you’re searching for may come in many varieties, so choose the one best suited to your lifestyle and needs.

How about we go to the most recommended audiobooks to learn Spanish while you’re on the go:

  1. Rapid Spanish: Earworms Learning

The rationality behind this course is basic: music can encourage language learning. The CD is recorded with exercises that use melodic rhythms to plant somewhere in the range of 200 Spanish action words and things in your long term memory. The tunes are catchy to the point that, soon enough, you’ll wind up singing your way to every one of the fundamentals of the language. You can also acquaint yourself with the Spanish grammar so you can start to seem like a genuine Spanish speaker.

By tuning in to these created tunes with their cadenced repeated verses of Spanish and English a couple of times, you get more than 200 basic words and expressions that won’t exactly be on the tip of your tongue but will be scorched profoundly into your long term memory in no time.

If you like music and need to gain fast ground with no precise information of language learning, Earworms Rapid Spanish is the course for you.

Volume 1 is your survival unit of keywords and expressions to get you by on your excursion abroad. Volume 2 will make you talk about yourself, past, present, and future; communicating your conclusions, visiting, and being a tease (who knows?).

Accompanying this audiobook is also a free booklet to go with the course which you can download by tapping on this connection.

You will feel you are learning in a minute and be amazed by how simple learning a language can be!

Visit their site at

  1. Learn Spanish with Paul Noble

Paul Noble exercises for learning foreign languages are available for French, Italian, and German, just like Spanish. The main course for Spanish students is called Learning Spanish with Paul Noble. The course includes a sum of 12 CD’s, and it is generally for complete novices in the Spanish language. The main motivation behind these exercises is to show students how to learn in Spanish in a very short period.

In contrast to most Spanish courses, Paul Noble’s instructing technique doesn’t depend on reiteration or learning punctuation rules. It doesn’t require students to compose anything; rather, they are urged to enjoy and tune in to these sounds. It is beneficial to specify that Paul Noble exercises are intelligent, which means that students now and before are provoked to state diverse expressions and sentences in Spanish.

Moreover, the teacher of these sounds uses slow redundancy strategy, which implies that newly learned material will be rehashed in further exercises. Some other interesting parts of these sounds are that they attempt to improve the tranquil learning condition. Regularly Paul Noble gives instances of how English and Spanish dialects are comparative so students would feel that they know a great deal. Additionally, he encourages students not to be hesitant to commit errors in Spanish since missteps help to recollect better.

Don’t hesitate to visit this site at

  1. Digital Spanish (Pimsleur)

Dr. Paul Pimsleur’s technique is demonstrated by a great many effective second and third language speakers from around the world. It works since it focused around the language-learning area of the cerebrum – working strongly on transmitting language in spoken structure.

The entire program is simply organized with the goal that exercises expand on each other. It gives you a lot of discussion practice as well as clarifies the fundamental vocabulary and structures of Spanish. It shows legitimate pronunciation just as cognizance—so you have every one of your bases secured.

If you need to understand why the Pimsleur Method works?

I’m willing to bet you’ll be interested. Keep the ball moving by learning some amazing Spanish materials that Pimsleurbrought to you! With any Pimsleur course, you’ll end up concentrated on familiarity and most importantly, tuning in to a discussion. And after that rehashing portions of it, bit by bit develop learning until you can review theexpressionsthat have been said whenprovoked.

Most of Pimsleur’s materials include a reading part, as well, yet this is optional. The sound is the bestselling part for them—you can use this program to adapt effectively and easily, wherever you go. People are using this program for learning while at the same time, driving! Simply let the instructor’s guide you from essential expressions to finish sentences. It generally prompts you to tune in, rehash and react, making it exceedingly intuitive.

Visit their site at

  1. Rocket Languages

It’s an extraordinary course for tuning in to the sound while you’re driving or when you take strolls like walking your canine, or while doing different exercises like cooking, setting off to the rec center and so on. You can download every one of the exercises to your phone and tune in to 2 exercises for every day on your 20-minute stroll every day after work.

Without changing your routine to an extreme, or discovering the spare time to set aside, you can gain a great deal of ground in learning Spanish!

Rather than tuning in to thoughtless radio during your drive, you can use that time significantly more effective by playing Rocket Language exercises and learn another dialect!

Since Rocket is a sound course, you can simply download every one of the exercises onto your phone and play them as you do different things. You can tune in to the exercises when you take strolls, or while doing different things like cooking, working out and so forth.

Presently, the data will be sufficient for a large portion of you to choose if Rocket Language is most appropriate for you.

Rocket has Interactive Audio Lessons. Each dimension of each course has more than 60 hours of sound style exercises. Every exercise has a soundtrack alongside an assortment of support exercises. They are structured so you can pick up during your drive to work or whenever that you are in a hurry, utilizing your Mac, PC, or cell phone with the Android or iOS application.

Visit their site at

  1. Spanish Word Booster: 500+ Most Needed Words & Phrases

For the individuals whobelieve in the Pareto Principle (80-20 rule) — which says that 80% of a language you can get by teaching yourself with 20% of the words — this is the book recording for you. Here, you have Spanish in a refined structure, sparing you from wracking your cerebrum with words and pronunciation that local speakers don’t use. This book recording focuses on the most important and useful pronunciation.

The book’s spread and this program arecracking cool. In case you’re into tuning in to music while learning, you’ll unquestionably get into the beat of the exercises. By working with snappy rhythms and sounds, the brain reviews material effectively. You could practically move your way through a vocabulary of 500 of the most imperative words and expressions in español.

On the off chance that you like this book recording, you can purchase this at Spanish-Word-Booster-Needed-Phrases

  1. Innovative Language (Spanish Survival Phrases)

This is a language course with social bits of knowledge, travel tips, and Spanish decorum peppered everywhere. If you suddenly wind up stuck in Spain, have no fear this book recording is certainly your first asylum. Its guaranteed the most profitable and bother-free visit by having Innovative Language’s Spanish Survival Phrases. It’s a group of 30 sound exercises that instruct you on correspondence tips from requesting headings to requesting sustenance at a nearby eatery.

The exercises are dealt with by bilingual and bicultural tutors who show you not just elocution, emphasize, and pitch – they additionally direct you on what it’s truly like to banter with a local speaker. It offers language exercises you can use in a rich social setting.

You can check this at

  1. Spanish (from Living Language)

Living Language offers a customary approach to examining Spanish since the fundamental material in the course is coursebooks. There are additional sound CD’s and some online highlights included. Besides Spanish students, who like to think about moving; can pick an online rendition of Living Language, which permits getting to all contemplated material by using diverse gadgets. So, it tends to be said that this course is very powerful, which empowers clients to adapt more proficiently, and they are less prone to getting exhausted while considering.

One of the greatest advantages of this course is it trains in all parts of Spanish so you can learn syntax, talking, composing, and furthermore improves your listening skills. It tends to be simpler to pursue since everything is separated into little sections so that you can advance with certainty.

You can check this at

  1. Drive Time Spanish

Learn Spanish while running errands, driving, or even while working out! This Spanish language course is simple and helpful in an all-sound organization.

Drive Time Spanish is the most straightforward approach to learn Spanish vocabulary, to learn Spanish sentence structure, to learn Spanish elocution, discussion, and even Spanish culture — all without a book. The specialists at Living Language have made a course that consists of four hours of language exercises that you can use anyplace and anywhere. Learn Spanish while you’re heading to work, traveling with the family, or even while running!

The program comes in 4 CDs that includes simple clarifications, precedents, and heaps of conversational practice. A 64-page strengthening perusing incorporates broad vocabulary records, discourse contents, and an accommodating language structure reference — just for when you’re stopped.

You can check this audiobook at

  1. Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day

This book recording suggests 10 minutes a day exercise;you can vanquish the Spanish language. It follows through on that guarantee by conveying a customized, well-ordered technique for guidance where words are treated as structure squares, structure expressions, and sentences.

The CDs accompany a 132-page exercise manual and 150 sticky marks and cheat sheets. The parts of the set pleasantly supplement one another, giving understudies a fun and simple approach to learn language nuts and bolts. Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day is structured not to threaten but rather to promote trust in students. It’s so much fun that you’ll most likely get sucked in and end up going through 30 minutes to an hour each day rather than the apportioned 10!

You can check this audiobook at Spanish-Minutes-Day

  1. Power Spanish Accelerated (I & II)

This program is from Mark Frobose, who is viewed as the “main living modeler of an effective real language strategy, a noteworthy language memory procedure.”

This very pleasant and perky program is packed with memory maintenance methods that keep students roused. It gives students the adaptability to express total musings through sentence building practices and successful redundancy. New material is scattered with more established material to make for smooth learning progress. Without knowing it, and in a matter of moments, you’ll end up speaking in Spanish quicker than with different projects.

You can check this audiobook at Power-Spanish-Accelerated-Complete-Tapescript

  1. Spanish for Dummies (by Jessica Langemeier)

From the pleasing line of “fakers” books comes this 3-CD set spread out incomparable design to the last book recording. It’s very much paced and begins managing regular words and expressions. It then moves to the diverse grammatical features, sentences, and chatting in explicit circumstances. (Be that as it may, don’t stress, it’s impeccably legitimate to skip around.)

Spanish for Dummies has a broad word list that can help first-time Spanish students and those needing a refresher course alike. This is another program that would be extraordinary to tune in to inside the vehicle, transforming the everyday driver into a day by day learning opportunity. You certainly won’t be a fake speaker in the wake of completing the program.

You can check this audiobook at Spanish-Dummies-Audio-Jessica-Langemeier



This arrangement of short stories (“cuentos”) are a blessing if you need to tune in to Spanish audiobooks yet you’re still toward the starting phases of your learning. Every gathering has eight distinct accounts of different classes from sci-fi and wrongdoing to history and spine-chillers, and they’re entirely fascinating considering they have constrained vocabulary and sentence structures custom fitted for fledgling and halfway dimensions.

On the more formal learning side, there are understanding inquiries and word reference records just as plot synopses. The narratives are additionally separated into reasonable lumps. The storyteller Susana Larraz has nice, clear pronunciation and a regular moderate pace, however, be cautioned, she has a Spanish (as in, from Spain) emphasis, so in case you’re hoping to concentrate carefully on Mexican or other Latin American pronunciation, this arrangement may not be the best decision.

You can check this audiobook at

Despite whether you’re inclined toward the vibe and weight of a physical softcover book resting in your grasp, or the delicate crease of a turning page, there’s no contending with the comfort of book recordings. You can’t deny that it’s the route simpler to bear one thousand book recordings when you’re in a hurry in your back pocket than even ten ordinary books in your rucksack. These days, cell phones have enough memory to hold more book recordings than any time in recent memory, so you never need to work about topping off your free space.

What’s more, long drives can be a noteworthy drag. Try not to let all this idle time be squandered away! Recover it for yourself, regardless of whether by tuning in to your most loved Spanish melodies or tracking with a Spanish digital broadcast.

Results may come more gradually since you’re occupied with driving and can’t commit your complete consideration to language learning. Be that as it may, keep in mind the intensity of consistency and redundancy.

Think about all the time you spend in a vehicle every year. Suppose your drive is one-hour absolute consistently, five days seven days, and you work 50 weeks out of the year. That is 250 hours out of every year.

With continuous advancement all the time, you’ll make genuine enhancements. Buena Suerte, and cheerful learning while you’re driving!




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