The Best Language Schools in Madrid: Reviews and Ratings

Madrid is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and for good reason. With some of the best museums in the world, great architecture, and an unmatched nightlife scene, Madrid has something to offer everyone. It’s also a city with plenty of opportunities for education.

There are a number of reputable language schools in Madrid. In this blog post, we’ll take an unbiased look at learning Spanish in Madrid and give you some insight on what to expect from the schools.

The best language schools in Madrid, according to students who have attended classes there.

Inhispania – Best learning environment with resources for both individual and group work. The teachers are very qualified and supportive of their student’s progress throughout the course.

Academia Contacto – Great exposure to culture, the teachers are very motivated and truly care about their students’ progress.

LAE Madrid – Best for learning Spanish quickly with an intense program of activities throughout the week. The school works well as a base in which you can access all transport systems to see other parts of Spain.

AIL Madrid – Best school if you want to improve your Spanish and learn about the Mediterranean culture. The staff is very friendly and helpful, as well as the teachers who are motivated for their students’ success.

Cronopios Idiomas – Great location of the school in proximity with public transport which gives great accessibility throughout Spain. The school focuses on providing an amazing learning environment.

Sprachcaffe Madrid – Best for beginners as it offers small group lessons with individual attention from the teacher, combined with free private classes which allow students to improve their speaking skills at their own pace.

Tandem Madrid – Best school if you want to improve your Spanish and work in a fun, relaxed environment. The teachers are extremely qualified who have years of teaching experience which they use to create a great learning atmosphere.

Paraninfo School of Languages – Great for students looking at improving their conversational skills as it offers free conversation classes following the regular language course schedule after class hours from Monday through Friday.

Don Quijote – Great location in Madrid, walking distance from major tourist attractions. The school also offers free conversation classes after the regular language course schedule on Mondays through Fridays during your stay which allows students to practice their speaking skills with native speakers at any time of day if they wish.

International House Madrid – The best place to learn English where you have access to a wide range of resources including the library, computer room, and the teacher’s lounge. The teachers are very qualified who take great pride in their work with students to help them get a head start on learning English.

Enforex – Best for learners that want to improve or learn Spanish as it offers small group lessons which means you have less of an opportunity to feel lost compared with other language schools where there are big class sizes. In addition, they offer free conversation classes after regular school hours from Monday through Friday allowing you more flexibility when studying your preferred language at this excellent Madrid-based school.

All of these schools are highly recommended by past and present students who have attended classes there. When choosing a language school in Madrid, it is important to consider what you want from your time spent studying there and choose the best school according to your goals of learning Spanish.

Some tips for choosing a school and what to expect from your experience with them

The best way to choose a language school is on personal preference and what your goals of learning Spanish are. The first step would be to decide if you want an immersive environment where you can practice speaking as much as possible, or if you’d prefer individual attention from the teacher due to having previously learned another language before. Another factor that should influence this decision is how much money you’re willing to spend on the school, as some offer a more affordable price for students who want an immersive experience.

Information on how to enroll at one of these schools and the benefits of doing so (including costs)

There are many benefits to choosing one of these schools for studying Spanish in Madrid. First, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who want the same thing as you: learning a new language and experiencing all that Madrid has to offer! Second, depending on which school you choose, there will also be several activities throughout the week where past students have been able to practice their Spanish with native speakers in the city.

The cost of studying at one of these schools is between €300 – 1500 per month depending on which school you choose. Each school offers a different range of services and prices so it is important to consider your options before enrolling.

Tips for staying safe while studying abroad or exploring the city by yourself (e.g., don’t leave valuables out where they can be seen).

While Madrid is a very safe city in general, the only danger would be pickpockets in tourist areas like anywhere else. It’s important to leave valuables at home and not let them out of your sight while studying abroad or exploring on your own!

It can also be helpful to learn some basic Spanish before traveling there. Knowing just a few phrases could really help you get around town more easily and give you an advantage over other students who might arrive without any knowledge of Spanish. You should consider enrolling at one of these schools that will teach you this language quickly so that once arriving, it doesn’t take long for you to begin speaking with native speakers living in Madrid.

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