Visiting Madrid During The Holidays

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Cities all over the world celebrate Christmas in different ways and different customs. Madrid, Spain is one of the best places to be during the holiday season. From good weather to tons of celebrations it is the perfect place to be during Christmas.

During the holiday season the temperatures in Madrid seem to be warmer than other areas. Typically it only gets to be about 45 degrees Fahrenheit making it perfect weather to dress warm and cozy yet still appreciate the outdoor events and celebrations that are going on such as the Christmas lights. Madrid puts on a beautiful display of lights all over the city. Buildings and homes are decorated with holiday lights that stay lit for many hours during the day and stay lit into the middle of the night on special days like Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Another great thing about Christmas in Madrid is the markets. During the holiday season many of the markets decorate with lights and ornaments. The markets look festive and fun and also sell a variety of holiday items. Markets will sell decorations, holidays foods, and a variety of holiday gifts. Many of the markets also feature handmade and handcrafted Christmas gifts from local artists and community members.

The holiday season in Madrid is never complete without a Nativity scene. Almost every single house displays some form of the Nativity. Some homes have large antique displays while others do a minimal but beautiful display. Many stores and buildings also have nativity scenes displayed. One of the biggest holiday traditions is to go around the city looking at the different nativity scenes. They are typically put up a few weeks before Christmas and remain up until a few weeks after Christmas day.

Although many cities around the world celebrate Christmas Madrid truly stands out as a place to visit during the holidays. From the warmer weather to the bright lights to the many homes filled with nativity displays Madrid truly offers something for everyone during the holiday season. The streets are filled with good cheer, people are happily holiday shopping at the many markets and filling up on all the delicious seasonal treats Madrid has to offer. Also a great oportunity to take spanish courses.