Is It Rude To Speak Another Language In Front Of Others?

The world has become a much more open and multicultural place over the last little while. More people than ever are traveling the world, learning new languages, and communicating with each other in ways that are constantly adapting and changing. When two linguistic cultures exist in the same place, sometimes there can be friction if […]

Do You Need A Tutor To Learn A Language?

Language learning is a complex endeavor. Many people sit in a classroom, or with a personal tutor, for months or even years without any progress. The truth is, learning a language is a very organic element of our minds as human beings, and forcing it into a classroom can be very limiting. Still, though, having […]

Can You Speak Japanese Without Kanji?

Japanese is a beautiful and vibrant language with many unique features and words that make it a joy to learn and speak. There are dozens of different accents and ways of speaking that can make your speech uniquely yours. The question is, can you speak Japanese without Kanji? The short answer is: yes. Japanese uses […]