10 Spanish Phrases You Should Learn

If you’re thinking of traveling to Latin America, or any Spanish-speaking country, there are phrases that you should be familiar with to avoid embarrassment. To help get you started with the basics for this beautiful language, here are five essential Spanish phrases that you must know before heading off on your next trip abroad.

  1. Hola: This is the most commonly used greeting in Spanish that takes the form of “hi” or “hello.” It can be used during formal and informal situations and it’s usually accompanied by a handshake or a hug if you’re meeting someone for the first time. The Spanish equivalent of “How are you?” is ¿Cómo está?, which is more polite than just asking, ¿Qué tal?, which implies that you don’t really care about how other people are doing.
  2. Adiós: This is another very common Spanish greeting and farewell phrase and it’s usually used in formal situations. It’s considered impolite to answer “goodbye” with “bye.” The most commonly used response is ¡Nos vemos! (See you later!) or ¡Hasta luego! (See you later!)
  3. De nada: If someone does a favor for you, like lending you something or helping you carry a bag, it’s customary to thank them with the phrase “de nada,” which means “you’re welcome.” If you want to really sound polite, you can say “no fui yo” (it was not me).
  4. Por favor: This is the Spanish equivalent of “please” and it’s usually used before asking for a favor. For instance, if you want to ask someone for directions, you can politely say “Por favor, ¿puede indicarme el camino hacia…? (Please, can you indicate me the road towards…?)” If someone wants to ask something of you that isn’t really a big deal they can use the expression “porfa.” For instance, if someone wants to ask you for the time, they could say “¿Porfa, ¿qué hora es?” (can you tell me what time it is?)
  5. Gracias: This is the Spanish word for “thank you” and it’s also used in other Latin American countries. If someone does something nice for you, like lending a piece of clothing or putting your groceries away, it’s customary to say, “muchas gracias.” People will usually respond with a simple “no problem.”
  6. ¡Te veo! (See you later!) This is the Spanish version of “I’ll see you later.” It’s a very common way to end a phone call when you say it in Spanish rather than “hang up.” You can also use the words “¡Te amo! (I love you!)” or “¡Adiós! (Bye.)”
  7. ¡Salud! (Bye.) This is the Spanish equivalent of “Okay, bye!” It’s a common way to end a phone call.
  8. ¡Saluditos! (Bye-bye!) This is the Spanish version of “Have a good day” and it’s used to say goodbye to people who are leaving or entering your place of work. Keep in mind, however, that this phrase is not polite to use when meeting new people for the first time because it implies that you don’t care how they are doing.
  9. ¡Ciao! (See you later!) This is the Spanish version of “I love you!” and a common way to end a phone call or reply to a text message. You can also use the phrases, “¡Te amo! (I love you!)” or “¡Adiós! (Bye.
  10. ¡Hasta luego! (See you later!) This is the Spanish version of “see you later!” and a common way to say goodbye to someone before leaving. The response is “¡Hasta luego!” or “¡Nos vemos! (See you later!)

It’s important to note that some Spanish words and phrases are used in both English and Spanish, but mean something different when used in another language. For instance, the word “pregunta” in Spanish can mean either “question” or “request.

We hope we can help you in learning some basic phrases that will help you with your travels. When traveling abroad, it is always recommendable to know at least a few phrases in the language of your destination country so that communication will be easier and quicker.

These are the most basic phrases to know if you’re planning on traveling anywhere in Latin America. However, learning the entire vocabulary can take a long time and can be very difficult. Speaking Spanish is one of the most rewarding ways to practice your language skills and you’ll have a great time seeing all of Latin America and getting to know the people who live there. Learning Spanish opens up an entirely new world of possibilities, so get out there and explore Latin America!

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