14 Of The Best Language Exchange Sites

Are you bored with reading a lot of books, dictionaries, or any other sort of things? Have even tried several ways to figure out how things will help you in your language learning? And still wondering perhaps why it never helps?

You don’t have to feel discouraged! Because today we will figure out other ways to make your language learning fun and effective! Luckily, now in our modern time, there are lots of methods and resources out there. There are many tools available with a tap of your fingers. These tools connect you to fantastic teaching sites and millions of different languages and native speakers worldwide.

Language exchange sites are not exactly similar to any other language learning techniques, which sometimes feel so dry and dull. Using a language exchange is fun and a great way to help you learn new languages.On language exchange websites, you’re having fun while you’re learning.

Advantages of Language Exchange

Language exchange sites are effective tools that improve your language skills. Meeting with native speakers is a great way to develop your familiarity with the language you are studying.Presently, language exchange is available in both offline and online strategies for the student’s language development.

An offline technique was previously encouraged in different language learning, but many students are choosing language exchange online to discover new methods to build their skills.

Exercises, coordinated discussion, and meet-ups have been the best approach to gaining proficiency in the new language. Students are having fun in meeting face-to-face with a native speaker to collaborate more around learning a language.

Numbers of individuals have discovered the value of language exchange in providing quick methods to complete your language skills. Regardless of whether it’s a familiar speaker or someone local, they can give continuing assessments on your speaking, writing, and reading of a language to help refrain from errors and further improve your everyday learning.

Using a language exchange can open new ways to your language learning by giving continuing assessments than an older, methodical learning process like reading the material, applications or an interpretation process. Learning with a language exchange will bring you to a higher level of social opportunities. Numerous individuals like connecting with others, either through Skype or face-to-face. Understanding somebody’s involvement with a language and culture can be persuasive and quick for some to improve their reading of the language they are learning.

Exchange can uncover stories and bits of social knowledge from the objective nation, which will help you when traveling to understand the language in a native-speaking country. You can benefit from interfacing with a native speaker. This interaction enhances the approach to your becoming familiar with a language because of their insights into its nuances and requirements.

Another thing in using a free language exchange site is its great way to learn a new language. This opportunity offers you chances to teach someone else a language while they help you with the one you want to learn.

How to use the Language Exchange Site?

Intelligent tools for language students have been developing for a long time.

Resources like applications, exchange destinations, and continuous interpreters have been available to students for some time, enabling them to learn from native speakers around the globe and while they, themselves, are miles away in another country. Wherever they might be, language exchange sites have turned out to be popular in recent years as an approach to obtain new vocabulary, language familiarity, and social information and meeting native speakers.

In associating with native speakers to connect with students, you can achieve your goals in learning a new language.

If you are wondering, how to use language exchange sites and how they work? How to use them to boost your learning skills? How to meet a language trade collaborator? How to know if they are a native speaker?

We will discuss all of these questions below.

What are some of the language exchange sites out there?

It will make it easier for a student when they’reusing a free language exchange website. There are many incredible methods to become familiar with another dialect. And, most of them offer you the opportunity to show another person the language you comprehend while they are helping you with the language you need to learn.

These free discussion exchange sites work by connecting you to an interface with somebody over a content, sound, as well as video administration, to encourage correspondence. For the most part, you’ll primarily contact someone over a content visit or email first. After that, you can both choose the ideal approach to keep the conversation going.

If you can’t discover what you’re searching for in a language trade site, or you’d like extra preparation, perhaps your ideal situation is learning individually. There are a lot of free, language learning websites, and open portable applications that you can access all day, every day without having to meet and cooperate with someone else.

Exploit free language learning resources with online exercises, diversions, and worksheets to learn mainstream dialects like English, Spanish, and French. You can likewise learn communication via gestures and child gesture-based communication online completely free.

But since we’re here discussing language exchange websites, below are the examples. These are sites that you can count on for practicing the language you are learning with other people.

1. HelloTalk

Talking with a native speaker at first can be overwhelming, so begin slowly. HelloTalk gives you an amazing chance to speak with language partners, via text, voice recordings, voice calls, and even doodles.

With this approach, you can develop your confidence in the language to speak with them on a video visit in which HelloTalk gives the whole talk message.

2. italki

iTalki is a fabulous asset for helping students to kick-start their language exchange.Regardless of whether it’s a test you’ve been sent, or you need to talk with a local, iTalki furnishes you with a lot of fantastic speakers. From Italian to Dutch, there is an extraordinary scope of speakers who you can choose depending on the assessor to enable you to locate the best instructor for you. Book a meeting with them and pay to use iTalki credits. It’s simple, fun, and hands-down a flawless method to begin talking with a local speaker. iTalki is incredible for making another dialect accomplice for your next learning objective.

With more than 5,000 instructors accessible for any language everywhere throughout the world, iTalki is the perfect stage for students who need far-reaching exercises.

You can read the full review of iTalki here.

3. InterPals Penpals

If you are looking for a penpal in your language learning, InterPals is the best. You can exchange information with a friend. This feature will help students to enjoy and have fun in language learning. It can also help you get to know each other’s culture and help you become fluent in another language.

InterPals will introduce you to a native speaker all around the world. Even though the setting is not very formal, it is highly useful in learning. InterPals makes you feel safer and more comfortable to exchange your learning tips while having fun.

4. Busuu

Are you always busy and not even have time to spend with your language learning practice. Good news, because in Busuu’s you can learn even if you have a very hectic schedule.  Busuu can provide language learning services even for a few minutes a day and help to improve your language skills even for a short period daily.


Unlike the other language exchange apps, Busuu will give corrections from actual native speakers. For the same time, your learning can be guided by a cultural context. You can use the app offline, so it’s a handy app.

5. Fluent Future

If you’re looking for formal teaching services, then Fluent Future is a perfect choice. Fluent Future offers both options; either you can meet with native speakers online or hire a professional for their language services.

Fluent Future offers several learning preferences that people want. Fluent Future also offers learning option according to the students. They also have a wealth of resource materials to help the student practice on their own.

6. WeSpeke

If you’re the kind of people who loves taking things to its next level, then WeSpeke is the best for you. WeSpeke enables exchanging video and audio aside from just conversing with native speakers. Your language learning here will enable you to build new friendships in a global community.

It is a free app, but for those who want to level-up their training, WeSpeke offers lessons for a small fee. If you want to learn the language wherever you go, you can download the app. Also,it offers a chat system that connects you with many global pen pals anytime and anywhere.

7. Polyglot Club

It is also like any other language exchange sites. Polyglot Club offers an online community for language students to meet fellow students online. However,it has an additional service that offers lessons on topics that can help you learn more. You can join any topic and enter a conversation with fellow learners online. It is likely going to a club where you can meet a bunch of people where you can get something new from them.

The accessible dialects range from English to other prominently examined dialects around the globe – French, Spanish, and so forth.

8. Verbling

This language exchange has an online community of many professional language teachers to contact anytime. It is a significant advantage to a language student. Imagine that most of the students are having a hard time finding a good teacher, but in Verbling there are many professional teachers.

You can converse through a video chat with your teacher.  This gives the advantage of learning at your own screen instead of going somewhere else to learn and chat.


Discussion Exchange makes it simple to discover somebody to help you become familiar with a language. You can search explicitly for a pen palto converse with and begin/continue learning. There are a lot of people you can talk with over voice apps or video, or even meeting them in person. With the help of your pen pal, you can accomplish an excellent result in the language that you are learning.

You can pick what language they talk, what language they’re learning (what you’re capable in), their expertise level, nation, town, time zone, kind of trade, age, sexual orientation, and name.

You can sort the query items by last login date to discover a language associate that is effectively utilizing the site. Clients take part in completing the information in their profile that gives you insights regarding their trade.

When you’ve discovered somebody on Conversation Exchange that accommodates your necessities, you can include them as a contact and send them a private message and discuss additional arrangements.

For more, you can visit Conversation Exchange


The Mixxer works by having you use a basic client account characterizing the language you talk and the language that you need to learn. You can also add your Skype account information and share it publicly.

In the website everything is accessible for a student, where to search for someone they can benefit in language learning. They can message or call them via Skype, and even send a message privately in The Mixxer.

The student can even post their writings publicly and let any user correct and improve their writing skills.

For more, you can visit The Mixxer


Begin utilizing Easy Language Exchange by picking the language you need assistance with, and afterward picking what language you primarily speak. The hunt device will choose every one of the clients that coordinate those criteria.

There are a huge number of clients at Easy Language Exchange. It could locate several thousand that coordinated with your query. You can rapidly read through all the coordinating clients to know what dialects they talk and which ones they’re learning.

It will display a rundown of online clients on the base right of the site, where you can flash visit with any of them.

You can include different clients as companions just by sending one of thema private or open message to choose how you need to continue with the language trade.

For more, you can visit Easy Language Exchange


Thousands of users  have joined Babelvillage to exchange their language expertise for a language that they are currently learning.

You can specify what type of partnership you’re looking to set up inside your account. In Babelvillage, you can sign up to teach others your native language or find another user learning the same language as you, so you both practice and learn together.

The thing that is unique about Babelvillage is its ability to search for a user based on their level of expertise in the language they are learning. That helps you choose the right user that you can teach at your level of knowledge.

For more, you can visit Babelvillage


There are more than 6,000 clients enrolled at LingoGlobe, and making another record is as simple as picking the languag eand expertise level you know, just as the ones you need to learn.

You can also specify how you’d like your correspondence with others to be done, for example, through email, voice/telephone calls, video visit, content talk, as well as meeting them in person.

Another good thing aboutLingoGlobe compared to other language exchange sites is that clients can’t assault you with messages until you’ve both agreed on an exchange. In LingoGlobe, proposing a language exchange is simple.

Users love LingoGlobe because the search function is user-friendly and easy to use. You can also view other users account and see what language they need to learn.

LingoGlobe has a forum and a chat room that every user can participate in, which is the quickest way to find a language partner. You can also view the new users as well as all the users that are currently logged in.

For more, you can visit LingoGlobe


Scrabbin isn’t much different than other language exchange sites. You can easily include a few dialects that you can comprehend and the language that you are learning.

You can look for different clients by their sex, city, and their native language. Clients can be reached by sending them private messages. After that, you ask them outside like Skype, telephone calls, instant messaging, or some other method.

In Scrabbin, they have a gathering where all users can meet with one another.

For more, you can visit Scrabbin

Free Language Exchange Websites

Utilizing a free language trade program is an incredible method to get familiar with another dialect since you get the opportunity to show another person a language you comprehend while they help you with the language you need to learn.

These free discussion trade sites work by interfacing you with somebody over a content, sound, as well as video administration to encourage correspondence. For the most part, you’ll essentially contact somebody over a content visit or email first, and after that, you can both choose the most ideal approach to keep talking.

In the event that you can’t discover what you’re searching for in a language trade site, or you’d like extra preparing, perhaps you’d be in an ideal situation learning individually. There are a lot of free languages learning sites and free portable applications that you can get to all day, every day without expecting to cooperate with someone else.

Exploit free language learning assets with online exercises, diversions, and worksheets to learn mainstream dialects like English, Spanish, and French. You can likewise learn communication via gestures and child gesture-based communication online completely free.


Babelyou is another free language exchange site, but many users didn’t find it is as easy to use as some of the other language exchange sites.

Nonetheless, I’ve included it here in for the very reason that there are clients with more than 40 distinct languages on this site. This is cool because it means users of the site will have the option to find someone who fits their need to learn a language.

And some languages have video exercises you can learn without meeting someone.

For more, you can visit Babelyou


A huge 30,000+ clients are enlisted in this language exchange site from more than 140 nations. It is fun and very easy to find a language exchange partner here.

The site works by having either a one-on-one talk or a gathering visit with the clients. You can also communicate over content, sound, and video. In the content visit segment, How Do You Do? will suggest a topic to talk about, which can be useful in case you’re not completely sure what to discuss.

The selected interface makes it simple to converse with numerous individuals in private messages if you’d preferably not participate in a group message.

The bad thing in this site is that you cannot do an advanced search which is available in the other language exchange sites. For instance, in case you’re a local English speaker learning German, it is difficult to discover a client that knows German and is learning English.

For more, you can visit How Do You Do?


Speaky is strikingly simple to use, and you can get an immediate friend request right after finishing your profile. This means that the site has a lot of active users.

It is fully integrated, clean, and has an exceptionally intuitive chat program that is accessible, which you can use to visit with individuals you add as companions. You can likewise talk over voice and video with the built-in calling feature.

When chatting with someone whose language is different from yours, Speaky provides a translator at the bottom of the page. This is good because you can directly translate their native language for you to understand what they are saying.

You can also choose an option in the settings in your profile to block all non-native speakers from contacting you. That means all the people who try to help you are knowledgeable of the language and rest assured you’re not wasting your time.

You can also use this language site through the Speaky Android application.

For more, you can visit Speaky


Many users love the Papora site functions. It has an easy to use “explore”capability and users can scan around, plus you can do more than just send simple messages.

There’s a composition area where you can post a message and have different clients critique it and leave remarks. They can be single sentences or numerous passages, and somebody who knows the language can clarify where you might need corrections for future postings.

In the group section of the site is a discussion where you can post an inquiry or demand and have different clients freely answer you. It might be simpler to discover a language exchange partner through the gathering than looking out for somebody to message you through the search tool.

To add more from above, Papora gives you a chance to add clients as partners;you can also send them a smile and a private message. Your profile can add numerous dialects (with your skill level) that you know and the language you want to learn. There is also a text area where you can compose whatever you’d like individuals to know about you.

For more, you can visit Papora


Send private messages and add clients to a list of top choices at Language Share.

You can scan for individuals between two specific ages, by sexual orientation, nation, and by the language, you can instruct them.

Then search for the dialects you know and need to learn, your profile can contain data about yourself as well as what you need for a language exchange.

For more, you can visit Language Share


LanguageForExchange.com also has the same feature as the other language exchange sites. You can also find a language partner by their native language, gender, age, country, and the language they want to learn.

Same as the other sites, you can send private messages to users. Having a chat with online users, can build public or private chat rooms, and participate in a forum.

The site will let you know by emailing the list of users that can speak the language you are trying to learn.

For more, you can visit LanguageForExchange.com


The TongueOut.net overall interface seems more like a social network website compared to other language exchange websites in this list, which is also cool.

In this website, users can add photos, info, videos, and links to their profile to let other users know who they are. Users can also send a private and public message to each other.

Just like a social network website, location is important. With the use of the location, you can access a search utility to find the right language exchange partner and also openings for groups, events, chatrooms, and games from its main menu.

For more, you can visit TongueOut.net


For the last but not the least, another free language exchange site, Paljit. Even though it’s clean and very user-friendly, we can honestly say that there’s nothing special about this site except for its user profiles and messaging services.

In this language exchange website, you can find any user in a specific country. You can also add their range of age, whether they are female or male, or search all users at once.

But the sad thing is, you can’t easily find users for the language you prefer. Thereby, it adds additional time to find a language partner. You must poke around the site wasting your time to find someone that can help you in the language you’re learning.

Using this site would be the last resort option if all the other sites we have discussed turned out to be unhelpful.

For more, you can visit Paljit

Learning another language doesn’t mean you have to use up every last cent. Now and then, you can even have a fabulous time while doing it and at a minimal cost! Language exchange sites are an incredible method to meet new people, gain proficiency with a language, and master it.

Learning another dialect doesn’t constantly mean you have to use up every last cent. Now and then, you can even have a fabulous time while doing it! Language trade programs are an incredible method to meet new companions, gain proficiency with a language, and ace it.

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