Can You Become Fluent with Memrise?

Yes, definitely! Memrise is a language platform founded in 2010 which is being used in 189 countries by over 40 million people. These statistics show user satisfaction. Unlike textbooks, Memrise offers rich, real-life language content and a spiced-up combo of technology and science all tossed up in a whole new world of fun. The teachers are native in-house linguists that’ll surely pass on top-rate first-hand knowledge of the language such as vocabulary, grammar, accent, slang, phonics, and many more to each and every user.

Aside from language, user get to experience an actual exchange in culture and embrace diversity even more. This is actually designed to boost confidence in communication and bridging more people all around the world.

Spreading like wildfire!

It is a downloadable app which is language customizable and is very user-friendly. The interface is bright, colorful, and very easy to navigate. It has very good reviews from both teachers and students and have grown tremendously in the past few years.

Travel is a Millennial thing and everybody is stashing up their $$$ for their next getaway. C’mon, It’s gotta be true. We’ve got backpackers everywhere and retirees who just want to have a good time and enjoy life – meet new people, see new places, eat new food and more. One very important thing when traveling is Language.

UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) has reported last year that the estimate number for worldwide international tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) increased to 1.4 billion

in 2018. That is a forecast in 2010 which was expected to hit the mark by 2020 although happened 2 years earlier and broke it in 2018. So, imagine the demand for language with that.

Big companies from around the world actually prioritize work applicants who can speak more languages that their native tongue. This adds to the demand for fluency and language proficiency

Why does Memrise make you fluent?

The custom-designed program for each learner makes you fluent. Memrise is designed for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and highly advanced levels. Learning can be boring, just like what most of us scratch our heads over at in school. But what if we tell you that learning could be fun in such a way you have never imagined!

It is actually the passion and the satisfaction you get in every milestone which makes you crave for more. Most people have varied attention span – well, actually, all of us! Some tend to opt for shortcuts while others patiently go all the way. In this process, learning could dwindle and knowledge could no longer be absorbed as much. Now, we don’t want any of our money go to waste and so we want to get the most out of it. Oh! and by the way, how much money are we talking about here? None! Yes! You got it right. Nada! Zero!

Retention. This could play one major key role in becoming fluent. It’s not only about how much you learned but how much do you remember? How much of it can you use? Memrise has developed advanced technology in giving you this unique user experience that’ll make you remember things. It has used all sorts of intelligent mnemonics to help you remember. It is carefully designed to assist memory even for the elderly users and the very young.

You will be surprised by how well you remember the stuff you learned and how fluently you can apply them.

What do they teach?

And now, for the best part, Memrise has got you all covered. Different languages in different categories all for different interests that cater different needs. We have business topics, history, arts, science and technology, language, math, and many more.

Some of the Languages taught at Memrise are:

  • Japanese
  • Swedish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Italian
  • Mexican Spanish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Arabic
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Turkish

Users can create their own courses following the guidelines provided by the Memrise curriculum. All choices are very easy to choose from in a drop-down menu and the clickable icons are large enough and clear.

Some of the courses taught are:

  • Languages
    ➢ European
    ➢ Chinese
    ➢ Japanese
    ➢ Indian
    ➢ Asian and Pacific
    ➢ Middle Eastern
    ➢ Slavic
    ➢ African
    ➢ Native American
    ➢ Classics
    ➢ Constructed Languages
    ➢ Sign Languages
    ➢ Indo-European language
  • Arts & Literature
    ➢ Architecture
    ➢ Art
    ➢ Film
    ➢ Literature
    ➢ Music
    ➢ Theatre
  • Maths & Science
    ➢ Biology
    ➢ Chemistry
    ➢ Earth Sciences
    ➢ Economics
    ➢ Maths
    ➢ Physics
    ➢ Psychology
  • The Natural World
    ➢ Animals
    ➢ Astronomy
    ➢ Others <Random>
  • History & Geography
    ➢ Capitals
    ➢ Civics
    ➢ Other
    ➢ Places
    ➢ Religion
    ➢ Politics
  • Memory training
    ➢ All Memory training
  • Professional and Careers
    ➢ Business & Finance
    ➢ Computers & Engineering
    ➢ Law
    ➢ Medicine & Healthcare
    ➢ Other
  • Standardized tests
    ➢ All Standardized tests
    ➢ Advanced Placement
    ➢ Graduate School
    ➢ Other Standardized Tests
  • Trivia
    ➢ Art, Music & Literature
    ➢ History
    ➢ Science and Nature
    ➢ Sports and Leisure
    ➢ Food
    ➢ Miscellaneous
    ➢ People
  • Entertainment
    ➢ Board Games
    ➢ Pokémon

The lessons come in as articles or blogs all aimed to educate and challenge the learner. It is a self-study platform although the tight-knit learning pattern is very easy to follow through.

One can easily jump from one place to another which builds up the sense of discipline when studying. Also, this gives the learner enough leeway to easily skip those they find uninteresting (probably clicking by mistake) and carry on the learning frenzy by finding a better blog or article. The system doesn’t actually hedge you into one tiny silo and stays there and until you’re done with everything. It pleases you with the freedom to choose and play while learning.

So, in reality, what they’re actually teaching you is How to Study or the proper and most effective way to study. Scrap the oldies like how they did it military style – hell no! Humans have evolved and so we have created this – Memrise!

Knowledge and Learning are all in our fingertips with Memrise. We just have to figure out how we want to do it and start!

How do you know you have become fluent?

Would you actually believe if I tell you Fluency can be measured? Yes! That’s right. There is even this formula for measuring Fluency. Take this for example:

Total Number of Words
–  Number of Errors
Words correct per minute
/ Words per minute
(x 100)
= Fluency

Anyway, this best applies when reading, typing, orating, and others. But what about a laid back, hit me up my 2 cents chitchat over a hot cup of coffee on a late Sunday afternoon? We talk informally and that too needs a brush of fluency with the words that come out from our mouths. That might be of a different scale.

Another theory compels us with three (3) components for Fluency:

First, Accuracy. It is the state of being correct, out of error. It is being able to precisely articulate what it is you are trying to say to the second person and have him grasp the full meaning of it. Not being misunderstood, although this seems inevitable. But at least closer to not. [smirk!] Anyway, Accuracy is something everyone needs very much because communication cannot thrive in a pool of mistakes.

Next is Automaticity. It is the ability to communicate without thorough judgment. It is spontaneity without the grueling thought of having relayed wrong information across or getting misconstrued for something else. It is the luxury of being relaxed and confident. It is quick thinking and active reflexes in communication.

Last would be Prosody. It is the beautiful touch in communication. The pitch, intonation, phrasing, voice modulation, tempo and figures of communication all to the benefit of conveying complete and beautiful utterance.

Being able to communicate care-free and getting back positive queues from the other person manifests Fluency and effective communication. Language is radical and so is logic in the free- flow exchange of communication.

Memrise enables you to communicate fluently and smartly. A good communicator is not only measured upon pronunciation, diction, and spontaneity but it is actually the content that gets the other person more enthralled. The more intellectual your responses are, the more valuable your input, and the more proactive the conversation is. And good conversation opens doors to a lot of good things such as networking, socialization, brainstorming, not to mention, it could land you a job!

Nonetheless, mastering fluency and language proficiency is not at all a one punch hillbilly ride.

It is effort, discipline, determination, and constant practice that’ll really yield results.

It’s FREE!

Now you could be wondering how the hell could one really great app come in free. Well, this intended to shape a brilliant society and the best way to cross borders to give it away for nothing.

Hence, 40 million users worldwide.


The app is very easy to use. You can Sign Up via Google account or your Facebook account.

This is one really great and useful app you could use anywhere at any time.

Welcome to Memrise!

Join us and explore the world of language here.

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