The 6 Cheapest Spanish Schools in Spain

Spain’s low cost of living makes it a cheap place to study Spanish. There are many cheap Spanish language schools in Spain that will fit right into your budget for studying abroad.

Some Spanish language schools in Spain offer cheap courses in the country’s major cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona.

Other schools offer a more unique experience to have the chance to really practice your Spanish skills without having to worry about other things.

Price is not the only thing that makes a Spanish language school cheap. When choosing a school, you should also consider how much time will be spent in classes and whether or not the instruction will include activities such as excursions and cultural events.

Spanish Olé

This Spanish language school specialized in developing communication skills as well as promoting cultural and linguistic exchanges. Our courses are focused on speaking through dynamic social activities which simulate everyday situations outside the classroom.

Spanish Olé is located in Madrid. It offers group courses as well as private classes. The school’s comprehensive curriculum focuses on four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. There are 15 language classes per week at reasonable prices.

The school makes students feel comfortable by providing extra classes to help improve grammar and vocabulary skills. Spanish Olé also offers free cultural classes, free materials, and 10% discounts for members of the public service.

Barcino School

After more than twenty years, Barcino School is still the best option for studying Spanish in Barcelona. This language school has taught thousands of students hailing from dozens of countries.

Barcino’s courses are adapted to different levels and ages 25% children (10-16 years old), 30% teens (17-18) and 45% adults (19+).

These courses are designed to teach you how to communicate in a variety of social contexts. In fact, the school’s main objective is to develop your communication skills as well as prepare you for day-to-day life situations.

To learn Spanish at Barcino School, students must be present for at least one hour per day. There are two class times per day, with the morning session starting at 10am and the afternoon session beginning at 4pm.

This school is located in Barcelona. It offers personalized programs to fit any budget. The price of your course is based on how many hours you will be studying each week (between 20 and 30).

Classes are offered six days per week (Monday through Saturday) with free activities each day for extra practice.

Proyecto Español

Located in Seville, Spain this school has several different Spanish courses.

The complete Spanish course includes 25 hours of class time each week, more than most other schools in Seville offer (which typically provide 15-20), and over 300 lessons per level to make sure you learn the fundamentals.

Classes are held on weekday afternoons or evenings with Saturday mornings for some classes – which provides flexibility if you want to work while studying.

On weekends there are organized activities like cooking classes (classes are taught by native Spanish speakers) or movie screenings that you can attend.

Course prices vary based on the level of the course and how many weeks you take it for – but expect to pay €365-527 for a ten-week course.

On Spain

Located in Granada, Spain this school only offers small group Spanish courses that are designed to help you improve your language skills while also learning the culture of Spain.

Classes are held on weekdays with options to take some additional classes after class on Saturdays.

There are 4-6 people per group so you will have lots of opportunities to practice your Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere – even if you are not new to the Spanish language.

Course prices vary depending on how many weeks you want the course for but expect between €270-360 for 20 hours of instruction per week (including 2 hours of daily conversation practice).

Academia Contacto

Located in Madrid, Spain this school offers Spanish courses for all levels and different types of courses – including conversation classes and business Spanish.

There are also relevant cultural workshops organized by the staff to help you learn more about the culture and language as well as improve your competence.

Classes can be held during the day or evening with flexibility on time slots that work for you.

Course prices vary based on how many weeks you want to study for at €210-300 per week depending on whether you take an intensive course (20 hours a week) or just a regular course (15 hours a week).

The school provides an orientation program to help you get around and give you a chance to meet other students.

AIP language institute

Located a short walking distance from the beach in Valencia, Spain this language school has a long history of teaching a lot of people a lot of Spanish.

Courses are available for all levels and ages – whether you want a basic course or a more advanced one to improve your grammar skills.

Classes are held during the day, a few times a week with a maximum of 10 students in a class so you will have a lot of opportunities to speak Spanish.

Course prices vary depending on how many hours a week you want to study and how long the course is for – expect a minimum price of €180 per week if you take a 15 hour per week course that lasts a month.

This school has a great central location and provides a free language orientation when you arrive so you’ll feel comfortable right away.

The teaching style is relaxed but efficient, focusing on using the target language in a variety of situations.

Plus, the staff are very helpful – they want to make sure you get what you need and nothing you don’t.

Final Thoughts

Spanish schools in Spain make learning Spanish easy and affordable.

If you need Spanish for business or pleasure, Spanish language schools in Spain can help you improve your Spanish while also getting familiar with the culture and way of life there.

Most Spanish schools in Spain offer flexible scheduling and classes designed to meet the specific needs of students – all at a very affordable price.

And, as if learning Spanish were not enough, many Spanish schools in Spain also offer activities that let you explore the Spanish culture and way of life even further.

For example, the school in Valencia organizes trips to local attractions and also has a number of activities you can take part in – like salsa classes.

There are so many great reasons to learn Spanish – it’s one of today’s most popular second languages after all!

So why not learn Spanish in Spain? With the money you save, you could learn Spanish in Spain and have a great vacation to boot!

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