Free Online Korean Courses: Learners Guide

Korean is a language that requires patience and dedication to learn. Glamping is all the rage, but if you don’t have enough money for it. There are plenty of free options out there that will make your trip just as fun. Check these recommendations:

Free to Try Online Korean Classes


FluentU helps you learn Korean while watching videos made by and for native speakers. The app pairs modern language learning tools with authentic contexts, such as movies or TV shows shot in Korea to create an immersive experience that truly absorbs new vocabulary – all without having painful subtitles on every single video.

FluentU helps you learn Korean while watching videos made by native speakers. With this language program, your understanding of Korean culture will grow with every video you watch. It takes language learning one step further by pairing its engaging videos with Korean media clips to provide a more natural setting for learners.

This allows you the chance not only to learn while watching television shows or movies made specifically in Korea, but also immersed in these cultures through authentic context that will help solidify your understanding of new words and phrases.


Innovative Language has developed unique video and audio lessons through the Innovative language app or website. KoreanClass101 allows you to learn Korean with these innovative media, which provides a variety of ways for learners at all levels from beginner up to advanced-stage students can choose what they would like their learning experience to be like.

KoreanClass101 also lets you access YouTube clips that demonstrate some common phrases in additional support if needed when practicing speaking aloud while watching videos instead of reading Along With The Lessons.

Arirang network – Let’s Speak Korean

This is a little off-the-bat option, but if you desire to have your Korean  language lessons in a fancy style of a morning television show, the Arirang network got you covered.

The Arirang network creates seasons with 10-minute episodes that are designed specifically around teaching Korean learners. Each episode typically involves topics introduced by hosts which get into more depth through guest speakers from schools or organizations within South Korea like universities and nonprofits who have experience there.

I hope these tips helped convince my skeptical nature about trying something new, watching TV doesn\’t sound too appealing. However, if I were shown how much good could come out of it, then maybe someday soon I\’d give it another shot.

The only drawback is that they\’ll sometimes chat without moving the conversation forward, which can make it hard for someone who wants more direction with their language skills.

Korean From Zero

The Korean language can be difficult to start with, but this course will get you on your way. With e-books for the three From Zero! Courses available in English and German as well as online access to all materials including video lessons that are part of a larger YouTube channel about Korea\’s culture – there is no excuse not to try these out now.

With this program, you get a text lesson followed by audio clips. You can move at your own pace and play them whenever needed – no waiting for lectures or explanations. The material is straightforward, so it\’s easy to skim through if need be; there are plenty of example sentences included in each reading that will help solidify what has just been learned into long-term memory as well.

The What You Need To Know About This Program section provides key details before signing up:

  1. Payment Options
  2. How much time does training take?
  3. Are practice tests provided?
  4. Where do new learners go once they\’ve completed

Since Korean From Zero works with text- and audio-based, it fused well with more entertainment-based online courses like FluentU or Let’s Speak Korean. And, if you initiate a lesson in a KF, Course on a daily basis, you\’ll enjoy some interesting learner TV and Korean culture or genuine Korean language videos.


Korean language learners often feel overwhelmed by the nuances of their native tongue. Programs that are too explanatory can be difficult to follow, but Duolingo offers an interactive and casual experience with only enough thought required for basic recognition skills – perfect if you need some time away from your studies without feeling like they\’re progressing too slowly.

You can’t really go wrong with creating an account on Duolingo. It\’s free, and you\’ll get access to all your lessons, no matter how unhappy the cartoon owl that teaches them.

What\’s more, you can also try out the Korean language or Japanese to complete other exercises.
Duolingo offers a wide variety of courses, including those that teach you words in the Korean language and dialects.


When most people think of language learning, they tend to believe that speaking is just something you have to do when your ability in a new language has improved. This may be true but there are many other benefits from simply talking and listening which can make this process easier for introverts as well.

The simple act puts us at ease while building confidence – both during our first conversations or even everyday tasks like shopping, where understanding what someone else says depends on how much information was shared beforehand.

Loecsen\’s speaking drills with voice recognition technology are an excellent way for beginners or even advanced Korean learners.

The course is easy to use, and you can learn at your own pace. The audio files are in Korean, but there\’s a translation for each so when you\’re ready, you can try out translating them yourself.

Loecsen has many other courses that are available on their website, including those that teach words or sentences from the Korean language and people who speak it. You\’ll be able to choose between a beginner course with around 9 lessons or an advanced one with around 20 lessons.

Pimsleur Korean Language Lessons

Those of us who love learning languages want to make them our own – not just something we know how to say. And while Pimsleur offers more than just its program, it also offers access to all of its materials through the internet for free! So if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, download this app and start learning right away. This introductory course includes 15 hours of material which is broken up into three levels.

So, there you have it! These are some great free online resources to help you learn Korean. What are you waiting for? Start learning today!

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