6 Best Podcasts for learning Russian language

Learning a new language can be daunting, but here’s one of the best ways to learn it i.e. learning through podcasts. The best podcasts for learning Russian are actually full of great audio lessons and exercises that will have you speaking from day one! Forget those old school textbooks, this is how kids are learning today.

you might say that there are a bunch of other methods of learning the Russian language then why this method? So here are some of the benefits of learning Russian through podcasts.

What are the benefits of using podcasts for learning Russian?

The benefits of using Russian podcasts to learn the language include the following:

  • Flexibility – It’s always nice to have some flexibility in the way you learn something new. Podcasts are great for this because listening to a podcast on your drive to work or while cleaning up around the house is very convenient.
  • Challenging yourself – sometimes the best way to learn something is to push yourself. By challenging yourself with some difficult lessons you’ll be able to see your progress which will motivate you even more.
  • Perfect for beginners – if you’re a beginner or an intermediate learner of the Russian language, you might not be ready for classroom lessons. Podcasts are a great way to expose yourself to the language and see if it’s something that you want to learn in-depth.
  • Convenient for busy professionals– many professionals today are very busy and don’t have the time to attend classrooms or invest hours in some lesson plans. Podcasts are quick, concise, and you can probably listen to your first lesson during your morning commute.
  • You can do it anywhere – who knew that learning Russian could be so much fun? Podcasts make this possible.
  • Improvement in listening skills – Listening skills of students are greatly improved with the help of these podcasts. They get themselves familiarized with Russian pronunciation. 

So now you know the benefits of using podcasts to learn Russian. Let’s move to our main topic.

The best Russian language podcast for learning Russian:

There are a ton of podcasts available for you to choose from if you want to teach yourself, Russian. Here are some recommendations:

RussianPod101 – For beginner level learners:

This podcast is very popular and has over two hundred different lessons available. This podcast is great for beginners who want more than just basic speaking skills, and it gets them up to intermediate level quickly! If you are an intermediate student then it is also best suited for you too, as it offers a variety of topics and Russian lessons. 

The following are some of the prominent features of this podcast.

  • This podcast has Russian language lessons in the form of short audio and video lessons.
  • They teach through the real day-to-day Russian conversation between native Russian speakers.
  • The host of this podcast pronounces every single word at a very slow pace that non-native speakers understand.
  • They have learning lessons for everyone whether you want to travel to Russia, or your love is from Russia. Or you want to learn about Russian culture or you want to trade with Russian people.
  • Lessons range from beginner to advance level. So everyone can benefit from this podcast.
  • They have voice recording tools so that you can compare your language skills with native Russian speakers.
  • Daily Word lists, slides, flashcards, and quizzes make your memory of Russian words stronger.
  • Dedicated teachers are there for personalized learning.
  • There is social media support as well, so you can connect with others who are also learning Russian.
  • The downside to this podcast is that it’s a bit expensive because it’s not free.
  • You need to pay some amount to access the full lessons and features of RussianPod101.

Slow Russian by Daria Molchanova – For beginner level learners:

This podcast is another great resource for learning the Russian language. It has a lot of different features and some really unique benefits that you won’t find in most other podcasts. The host Daria Molchanova is a Russian language instructor from Russia with really good English and Russian pronunciation.

The good thing is that she translates the most prominent stories, poems, Russian lessons, and other debates of English into the Russian language. In this way, the English language learns understands Russian quite easily. She also has a youtube channel i.e. Real Russian Club dedicated to Russian language learning.

The following are some of the popular features of this podcast:

  • It’s taught by a native Russian speaker, Daria Molchanova, who doesn’t speak or teach like a robot.
  • This is the perfect podcast for beginners, who want more detailed explanations of the language and culture.
  • They also include short exercises to help you learn some basics about the Russian language.
  • This podcast is great for those who want to learn more about Russian culture, as it includes a lot of information about this topic.
  • The good thing about this podcast is that it is free. You don’t have to pay anything to hear these podcasts.

News in slow Russian – for intermediate level learners:

This podcast is for intermediate-level learners and advanced-level learners, who want to learn more about Russian. It’s more of an audio news program that gives you news stories with a range of topics in Russian recorded at regular speed and then slowed down so you can easily understand what they’re saying.

The good thing about this podcast is that you’ll learn a lot about the world around you if you listen to it. They talk about random topics like sports, culture, international politics, political news and etc.  It’s also perfect for those who want more exposure to regular speed Russian. You’ll hear some really great Russian language content that’s perfect for learners in this phase.

Some of the benefits and features of this podcast are:

  • This podcast has a wide variety of new stories and contemporary discussions on various topics. These topics vary from politics, food, sports to Russian culture. So you’ll be learning about different aspects of the Russian culture and language through this podcast.
  • The good thing about this podcast is that it doesn’t rely on any English translations while teaching or discussing anything.
  • The native speakers speak at normal speed, while the host slows down the audio for beginners to understand each word clearly.
  • The downside is that this podcast is that it’s mainly for people with an intermediate level of Russian, you might feel at a loss sometimes if your Russian isn’t good enough to understand them all.
  • This podcast is great for those who want a more casual, regular learning experience with Russian.
  • You can get a free trial for this podcast.

Very Much Russian – for intermediate level learners:

If you’re an intermediate-level Russian language learner and want to learn more about the Russian language, this podcast is perfect for you. This podcast goes in-depth about different aspects of the Russian language. You can learn a lot more advanced words and phrases with this podcast.

The good thing about this podcast is that it’s super casual, so even if you miss a few episodes, there’s always an old one waiting for you to catch up with. The hosts also speak very slowly and clearly so everyone can understand them perfectly.

This podcast has the following benefits and features for you:

  • The voice quality of the podcast is really good. Native speakers indulge in real-life conversations at a normal speed so that the listener hears and understands.
  • You will learn a lot about different Russian expressions used in daily life as every episode explains some Russian expressions that are common.
  • Their show notes also include some great grammar explanations, so if you’re not sure what’s going on in the podcast, just refer to their show notes.
  • You can easily find the Russian transcription and translation of each episode in English.
  • They teach Russian through Russian jokes, Russian poems, Russian proverbs, and Russian songs. This really makes the learning process entertaining.
  • One of the upsides of this podcast is that it is free. You can hear each and every episode without paying anything.

In Russian Terms – for advance learners:

You’re above the intermediate level? Looking for podcasts about advanced or specialized Russian terms? Well, this is the perfect podcast for you. This podcast is all about explaining different Russian concepts in detail. It’s aimed at teaching people who already have a very good grasp of the language and want to learn more advanced material.

There are quite a few benefits and features of this podcast as well:

  • This podcast is as casual as their beginner-level Podcast. You can start from any episode and go back if you missed anything.
  • Their voice quality is also very good, so even those with a weaker grasp of Russian won’t feel lost at all. Their explanations are clear and concise enough for you to understand.
  • The topics discussed in this podcast relates to Americans in Russia and vice versa. The problems faced by Americans and how they can solve them.
  • Their audience also seems to be mostly foreigners living in Russia, so the discussion is geared towards their needs and concerns.
  • This podcast gives you a lot of exposure to Russian life and culture. You get to learn about many different aspects of Russian society this way. It’s great for listening comprehension as well.

Arzamas – for advanced learners:

The last podcast on our list is aimed at those who already have a very good grasp of the Russian language and want to embark on learning advanced vocabulary. This podcast is mainly focused on teaching people new words and phrases that they can use in daily life.

Some of the benefits and features of this podcast include:

  • This podcast goes deep into advanced Russian, so if you’re looking for a podcast that only talks about simple words and phrases, this might not be the perfect one for you.
  • In each episode, Russian experts talk on the topics related to culture, history and many more. This helps to expand your knowledge as well.
  • Their experts, who are native speakers, speak at normal speed so that the listener can understand them. The podcasts also have very good voice quality and clarity.
  • This podcast is aimed at giving you more exposure to Russian history, culture. It will prepare you to indulge yourself in any kind of Russian debate.

To wrap it up:

Learning Russian can be pretty tough since it doesn’t follow the same grammar rules as many other languages. Luckily, there are plenty of great Russian language podcasts out there that can help you learn Russian. These podcasts are perfect for those who love learning new languages but find classrooms too tiring or don’t have time to attend one. All you need is an internet connection and voila! You can now learn Russian at your own pace without having to worry about stress, fatigue, or any of the problems that come along with attending classes.

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