50 Most important Russian phrases for travelers

Do you love traveling to foreign countries?

Do you want to explore business opportunities in Russia or a specific Russian-speaking country?

Or does Your loved one resides in Russia?

Most foreigners make Russia their travel destination due to these reasons. There are many different Russian tourist destinations to explore. Some of the most popular destinations include Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi, North Ossetia, and Kazan. Each destination offers something unique and exciting for visitors.

Similarly, there are a lot of business opportunities in Russia. Whatever the case may be of your travel to Russia one thing is sure that you will have to deal with native Russian speakers. To communicate effectively with them you have to know a little bit of the Russian language. You must be well aware of Russian traveling words and phrases to make your trip successful.

In this blog post, I will tell you some of the most important and common Russian phrases for travelers, tips to memorize these words, Russian translation apps, Russian learning apps, Russian dictionary apps, and things to do before leaving your home.

The importance of Russian phrases for Travelers:

The importance of knowing some Russian phrases for traveling to Russia is very crucial. When you land in Russia, local people or you may find it difficult to communicate with each other if you don’t know anything about Russian. The following points highlight the importance of Russian travel phrases and words for travelers/tourists.

Many native Russian speakers are unaware of English:

You might be thinking that English is an international language and you can rely on English to communicate with native Russian speakers. But in reality, it is not true. Most of the natives don’t know about English. Therefore, it is important for you to know some basic Russian phrases to communicate with them.

  • Attempting to speak a little Russian will be a polite gesture:

It will show your respect towards the Russian language and Russian people if you try to talk in Russian with a native Russian speaker.

  • If you are lost, the local people would be more helpful :

If you know a few basic Russian travel words and phrases, it will be much easier for you to communicate with someone who does not speak English. They will guide you in a better way if they see that you are trying to speak in their language.

  • New opportunities and destinations will open their door for you if you know Russian:

If you don’t know to communicate in Russian then you will solely rely on guides and hotel staff for activities and destinations to visit. On the other hand, if you know the basic Russian language then it will open new doors of opportunities. You can make decisions of your own for visiting tourists destinations by gathering information from other locals.

  • Great help for you if you want to learn about Russian culture:

If you love to explore Russian culture then knowing some basic travel words and phrases is very helpful for you. You can intermingle with Russian people and can attend local cultural events with great ease and convenience.

What is the best way to learn Russian phrases for travelers?

There are many different ways to learn Russian. One of the most effective and convenient ways is to use mobile apps. It is a good idea to download any of the Russian language learning apps on your mobile phone which will be really helpful for you to learn quickly. You can use your free time during bus or train journeys, waiting at the airport, etc., to practice your travel words and phrases. Besides using these Russian language learning apps, you can indulge yourself in the following activities to improve your language skills.

  • Learn and memorize specific Russian words and phrases that will help you during your travel to Russia: At first glance, the Russian language seems a bit complicated and tough to understand and learn. Memorizing Russian words and phrases seems a daunting task. However, in actuality you don’t have to memorize each and every word in Russian language that you encounter. There are certain common words for travellers. You just have to learn and memorize these common words in order to communicate with the native russian speakers. This will make your Russian language learning process easy.
  • Create your own DIY vocabulary and phrase lists : Russian learning apps, dictionaries and translation apps are a great help for the travellers. However, you need to go beyond these learning apps and softwares. You can make your own lists of Russian phrases and words. The DIy vocabulary and phrases will help you to remember words more easily and will also help you not to depend completely on the automated translators.
  • Use flash cards to memorize Russian travel words and phrases: You can try to create your own set of flash cards for learning Russian language. It will really help you memorize the travel vocabulary and phrases quickly. You can do this by using index cards, which are available at any stationery store near you. Make ten small cards with Russian words on one side and English meaning on another side. Now play games with friends and family members to test your language skills. It will really speed up the process of memorizing Russian words and phrases for travelling purpose.

As you have become well aware of the importance of Russian Travelling words while visiting Russia, now let’s move to these common and important words that will help you during your visit.

The following are some of the important Russian phrases for travelers.

Basic Expressions:

The following are some basic Russian phrases and words along with their meaning.

  1. Здравствуйте (Zdravstvuyte) – Hello is the literal meaning of this Russian phrase.
  2. вы говорите по-английски? (Vy govorite po-angliyski?) – Do you speak English?
  3. Я говорю по-английски. (ya govoryu po-angliyski) – I speak English.
  4. Я не говорю по-русски. (ya ne govoryu po-russki) – I don’t speak Russian.
  5. Как дела (Kak dee-lah)- How are you?  
  6. Я хорошо (Yah horosho)- I am fine.
  7. рад встрече (rad v-streche) – nice to meet you.
  8. спасибо (spa-see-bah) – thank you
  9. да (dah) – yes     
  10. нет (nyet) – no
  11. как тебя зовут (kahk tee-bya za-voot) – what is your name?
  12. пожалуйста (pah-zhahl-stuh) – please
  13. когда (kahg-dah) – when
  14. где (gdyeh) – where
  15. что (shtoh) – what
  16. откуда (aht-koo-dah) – where are you from?
  17. кем работаешь (khem rabo-tuh-eesh’) – what do you do for a living?
  18. где работаешь (gdyeh rabo-tuh-eesh’) – where do you work?  
  19. пока- Goodbye.
  20. я не понимаю (yah nee puh-nee-mah-yooh) – I don’t understand.
  21. я не знаю (ya nee znuh-yooh) – I don’t know.
  22. Куда вы (Koohd-ah vee) – Where are you going?

Russian phrases for travelers used in hotels :

The following are some of the common words that will make your journey easy while you stay in the hotel. These words will help you to convey your message to the hotel staff and hotel managers.

  1. Какие у вас номера (kah-kee-ee oo vahs noh-mee-rah) – What type of rooms do you have?
  2. Сколько вы взимаете за эту комнату? (sko-l’kuh vy fzee-mah-ee-tee zuh eh-too kohm-nah-tooh) – How much is this room?
  3. Могу я поменять комнату? (mah-gooh yah myeh-nee-at’ kohm-nuh-tooh) – May I change the room?
  4. Какие блюда я могу заказать на обед или завтрак? (kah-kee-ee bl’oh-duh yah mah-gooh zuh-ka-zat’ nuh uhb’-ehd ee lah zuhft’-rahk) – What dishes can I order for lunch or breakfast?
  5. Пожалуйста, мне нужна свежая постель. (pah-zhahl-stuh, mnyeh noohsh’-nah svee-zhhah-yeh pohs-teel’) – “Please give me a clean bed” is the literal meaning of this Russian phrase.
  6. У вас хорошие номера (oovahs horoh-shee nuh-mee-ra) – “You have a nice room” is the literal meaning of this Russian statement. 
  7. Где супермаркет рядом с этим отелем? (gdyeh soo-pehr-mahr-keet ryat’-uhm saht ee-teem aht-eh-lehm) – Where is the nearest supermarket?
  8. Где ближайший автобусный или железнодорожный вокзал? (gdyehblee-zhahy-shi ee-teel’bah-noohsny ee zhi-lyehzhnuhdrahvuhl vahk-zahl’) – Where is the nearest bus stop or train station?
  9. Можете закрыть дверь, я еду (mah-zhee-tee sahkryat’ dvyehr’, ya yeduh) – close the door, I am going.


The following are some common words that you can use to order food in a restaurant.

  1. Где можно заказать еду? (gdyeh mohzh-nah zuh-ka-zaht’ eh-dooh) – Where can I order a meal?
  2. Какие у вас блюда? (kah-kee-ee oo vahs bl’oh-duh) – What dishes do you have?
  3. Мне нравится все это. (mnyeh nrah-veet’ sah ee-tee eh-toh) – I like everything.
  4. Где отель? (gdyeht aht-eel’) – Where is the hotel?
  5. Какие виды спиртного? (kah-kee vidy spi-rtohng’vuh?) – What types of alcohol do you have?
  6. Это не моё. (eh-tah nee mah-yoh) – That is not mine.
  7. Сколько вам стоит? (sko-l’kah vahm stoh-eet?) – How much does it cost?
  8. Мне это не понравилось. (mnyeh eh-tah nee pah-nrah-veeluhs’) – I didn’t like it.
  9. Сколько это? (sko-l’kah ehtah) – How much is it?
  10. Сделайте это. (sdyeh-lyat’ eh-tah) – The literal meaning of this phrase is “Do this for me, please.”

Transportation :

  1. Как доехать до…? (kahg day-eh-khuht’ dah…?) – How do I get to…?
  2. Где автобусная стоянка? (gdyeh av-tah-boohsny-yeh stohyahnkuh) – Where is the bus stop?
  3. Где автобус/маршрутка до…? (gdyeh av-tah boos/marsh-rooteekah dah…) – Where can I catch a bus to…?
  4. Как далеко до…? (kahk dyeh-leek’ dah…?) – “How far is it to…?” is the literal meaning of this Russian phrase.
  5. аэропорт (uh-eh-rah-pohrt) – airport
  6. Такси (tuhk-see) – Taxi
  7. Следуй за мной. (slyeh-dooy zuh mnyeh) – Follow me.
  8. Где ж / д вокзал? (gdyeh zh / dvohk-zahl’) – Where is the train station?
  9. Фуникулер/метро (fooni-kooh-leer/myeh-tah) – Elevator / Subway

The following are some common words that you can use for public transport.

So these are some common Russian traveling words and phrases. So make sure to memorize, pronounce and practice these words and phrases before you travel to Russia. This will surely help you in your journey, and it will definitely be a unique experience for you. The following are some tips before you leave your home for Russia.

What you should do before leaving your home?

  • Repeating your targeted words and phrases will make your memory stronger and will help you in speaking Russian better.
  • Listening is important therefore listen to the important traveling words and phrases. 
  • Practice conversation in Russian with some of your friends or with your traveling mate
  • Practice correct pronunciation with the help of learning apps.
  • When you get to Russia and start talking, listening and practicing try to go step by step and don’t rush.
  • Don’t forget smiling while speaking Russian its not a bad thing at all! Smile while you’re speaking Russian and even when your’e asking for some directions or trying to understand someone.
  • Also make sure to show how happy and pleased you are with Russians and their culture, traditions, lifestyle and way of living.


In conclusion after reading this article now, you have a clear idea of the Russian speaking phrases, now it is up to you to use those phrases and show everyone how well can you speak Russian.

You know what to do, the only thing left is your desire, courage, passion to speak Russian. Once you have all of that just go for it! believe in yourself and good luck! I hope everything goes great on your trip or journey to Russia! All the best!

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