Where Can I Take Spanish Classes Online?

Studying a new language is indeed an achievement. At this time in memorial, taking online classes is the most accessible way of gaining new knowledge and learning a new language. This reason alone motivates more people to study a second language, and one of the best choices is the second most-spoken language around the world, which is Spanish. There are more native speakers of Spanish than English speakers. You see, Spanish is not just a language but is deemed as a culture and a way of living.

Up until this day, the options of learning Spanish online versus learning it the traditional classroom way still poses discussions from those who are in favor of the new generations’ way of learning over the conventional method. Evidently, there is a huge difference when it comes to the learning experiences of students. Yet maximizing what technology can bring to the educational system is inevitable and these positive arguments about learning Spanish online are indeed on point.

Advantages of a Virtual Spanish Language Class

No Need for Commute

  • First of all, attending online classes obviously doesn’t require you to leave the house and go through the challenge of commuting every day to school. You will no longer worry about the rush hour scenarios just to get to class on time. These events can slowly drain your motivation, which is why considering online language classes is one of the many brilliant moves you have ever made. In fact, it’s more convenient because you can take your lessons anywhere that has a stable internet connection like coffee shops or restaurants.

You Will Not Worry About Missing Classes

  • Compared to actual language centers, that when you missed out on a session, you are no longer allowed to retake that class. Isn’t that frustrating? But with online language courses, ones you have missed a class due to essential or emergency matters, you can always go back to where you have left off. So, it’s as if you haven’t missed anything at all, and that is what online courses offer. The benefit of you getting back on track with your Spanish learning program will shy away from any stress in case unexpected situations happen where you need to skip classes.

Online Courses are Flexible

  • One of the many benefits of learning online is that you can take your classes whenever you want and at your own pace. It is something you can never do when attending the traditional classroom set up. Plus, having access to your lessons at any given time is something huge, indeed.

Affordability at its finest

  • If you wanted a private Spanish lesson, you must be willing to spend $50 at least, or if you wanted to join a group session, it’d be roughly around $180 monthly for a 90 min class every week. So, what can you gain from a 4-hour session per month?

Whilst paid online Spanish classes will just cost you less than $30 per week. Can you see the immense difference, especially if you are being practical or just wanted to learn but is on a budget, right? So, you get to attend more classes online than the customary way of learning. Not to mention that you can also find a lot of free Spanish online courses that are truly legit and highly recommended.

You can potentially Learn Faster.

  • When it comes to the capacity to learn, this is a case to case basis. See, there are those who can afford a private-home-schooling kind of set up, while there are others who are willing to travel/commute to attend class. Others prefer online courses. They find it more practical because they don’t need to leave the house. Actually, effort, budget, nor priority is not the question here, but the number of classes that you can get and attend to because that’s what you are after in the first place. So, in essence, would you learn more with a limited time allowed per class or online where you can get as many subjects as you want? The decision is on you.

Now here’s something to think about. Just because you’re taking online classes means that there are no rules; of course, there are still rules to follow.

1st Rule: Accept the fact that learning a language is a long journey.

There are different kinds of students:

The young online students – this kind of student may find a non-classroom environment different. If you think you are included in this group, you must have infused your mind that you are wholly in charge of your own class schedules. When it comes to peers, this, too, is something that you need to adjust to, although with the brilliance of technology, you can always get in touch with your peers anytime via social media and various apps.

The always-busy adults – now this group, however, already have a sense of this ‘work-life’ balance and can indeed manage their time and priorities wisely. With their excellent sense of schedule, they no longer need the typical classroom set up to get things organized. They pretty much got this.

The ‘adult’ adults – this bunch has the complete insight of all the benefits that online language learning has to offer. The flexibility of managing schedules, the luxury of utilizing time wisely because leaving the house no longer necessary to learn a language, and the learning online is much faster and convenient without breaking the bank. Learning at your own pace produces the best quality of education.

2nd Rule: Avoid comparing languages to Spanish.

Each global language is far different from each other and should not be compared to Spanish. Not unless your native language is similar to Spanish. It would be easier for you to absorb a new language if you prevent yourself from thinking about your own language every moment you are studying Spanish.

3rd Rule: Find a reliable Spanish online course or an Instructor that can be your friend as well.

In learning a language, like Spanish, you are not only paying attention to rules, phrases, or words, but it also goes way beyond that. Once you put your full commitment to your Spanish online classes, you will be more motivated to do better and embrace the language like your mother tongue. Then, if you happen to find a language professor that will end up as your friend, your language learning journey continues even after your online course.

With the reasons, advantages, and rules to improve and master the Spanish language or any other foreign languages, what you are about to read through are the online sites that will be your best partner in this journey to your bilingual/multilingual life.

Learning a new language is like enrolling again in school, and finding a suitable online Spanish course that will not cost you a great deal can be challenging. Here’s the thing, you have the commitment and passion for learning Spanish, and time is neither an issue, yet where can you go now?


In this section, you will be introduced to a list of free and cost-effective online language learning sites that will help you get started. Let’s begin:

FREE Online Spanish Podcasts

One of the best and deemed to be an effective way of learning a new language is by listening to podcasts. What’s brilliant about podcasts is the convenience to take it anywhere with you and listen to it whenever you can. Through this platform, you will able to listen to various native Spanish speakers who are the experts when it comes to teaching the language.

Indeed there are a lot of Spanish podcasts, but not all of them present a language program that can enhance your language learning skills. Therefore, you should not waste your time listening to them.

The following podcasts will provide you with all the tips and point-by-point Spanish sessions that are sure worth listening to. Here they are:

  • Show Time Spanish: This session is structured for intermediate and advanced Spanish language students.
  • Coffee Break Spanish: The bunch from this popular series are the familiar voices from the Show Time Spanish session who will provide you juicy Spanish lessons within a few minutes.
  • Spanish Pod 101: This podcast is from the great minds of Innovative Language, and they are a great go-to for those who are just starting to learn Spanish. The primary lessons are provided for free upon sign up, and if you wanted their advanced materials and premium lessons, you have to pay a small fee for that.
  • Insta Spanish Lessons: This famous podcast has loads of lessons and topics for all Spanish students.

FREE Audio Lessons

If you prefer lessons through audio platforms, here’s a list of FREE Spanish audio materials that you can check out via iTunes or various apps. It is your best option since not all Spanish lessons have a podcast.

  • Spanish for Beginners: Here, you can take advantage of eight lessons that are designed for Spanish language newbies.
  • 123 Teach Me Spanish: This is considered the best kickoff to your Spanish language learning journey with tons of lessons formatted for all language learners.
  • FSI Basic Spanish: This material was initially designed by the United States government, where Spanish lessons can be downloaded via PDF file format.

FREE Spanish Video Lessons via YouTube

YouTube is considered the video vault of various materials, especially for those who wanted to learn a language like Spanish.

  • Spanish Sessions: This channel contains videos of one-on-one Spanish courses with subtitles embedded.
  • Master Spanish Language: This channel is also created for all the Spanish language noobs out there who will surely benefit a lot.
  • Professor Jason Spanish: This Professor’s channel has almost 5 million views, and he creates videos about various Spanish language exercises and topics that every language learner will appreciate.
  • Agustin Iruela: Videos on this channel are designed in compliance with the CERFL levels, which are considered as a language learning treasure.
  • Spanish Dict: This channel has tons of amazing videos that are highly engaging to both viewers and Spanish language learners.

FREE Spanish Video Materials from Other Sources

Other than YouTube Spanish video lessons, there are also other top-rated sites and sources that provide informative and highly-produced videos for Spanish learning viewers.

  • Talk Spanish: It contains video lessons from the BBC and is created for Spanish language beginner and on-going learners.
  • Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish: It’s a 52-episode channel that introduces Spanish utilizing a Spanish TV drama novela.
  • 5 Minute Spanish: A channel with Spanish lessons and modules from the University of Arkansas, which will take you 5-mins a day to complete the course material. You can basically finish it at your own pace.


The succeeding lists are believed to be the most comprehensive Spanish language courses this year 2020 and can be used as your leading language platform.


  • If you wanted an online language course that is flexible and you can manage at your own pace, this is the best platform for you.

FluentU will take you to a whole new level of online language learning materials such as inspiring talks, music videos, movie sneak-peeks, and news. With their innovative video content, your Spanish learning journey will surely level up no matter what level you are.

Every word is loaded with definition, sample images, and sentence constructions, as well as how different Spanish words are being used across diverse contexts and scenarios. It will technically save you from doing many searches on various platforms, which is why this website is so flexible.

  • All levels of Spanish language learners can use it.
  • Cost? A FREE trial is provided upon sign up. To continue the best Spanish learning experience, you can opt for a monthly or a discounted yearly fee.


  • This online course was created out of the brilliant minds of a neuroscientist and a memory expert. Classes are dedicated to improving how the memories of language learners focus on the learning and mastery part.

Memrise is a combination of all language teaching methods creating a more practical material that will train you how to sound like a native speaker, sharpens your memory and listening abilities.

  • It can be by all levels, although it works best for Spanish learning beginners.
  • Cost? It’s FREE, but there is an option for you to upgrade your plan to have access to other features at a reasonable rate.


  • This Spanish course site will slowly guide you from being a newbie to intermediate and soon a more advanced level. It’s more of a conversational-structured lesson where every dialogue is divided into areas where grammar and vocabulary are expertly interpreted and explained in a detailed pace you can quickly grasp.

It is by far the closest classroom set-up-type of learnings Spanish online where dialogues and conversations in Spanish are presented in a less formal yet authentic way. Like you have bumped into a friend at the mall or a catch up over coffee. Their topics are easy to relate to because they cover the usual things you do on a daily basis, like greetings, places, things, people, food, and a lot more.

There is also a wide area for improvement, and exercises will not make you feel embarrassed or conscious. What’s great about this website is that it has an option where you can chat and begin a conversation with your fellow Spanish learners until you build a virtual friendship kind of thing.

  • It applies to all levels.
  • Cost? You can take leverage of the FREE trial, and if you choose to continue with other tiers, there’s a one-time fee to get you all set up.


  • Known for publishing the best English dictionaries in the world, Collins had also created an online material dedicated to those who seek to learn the Spanish language. It includes contents from notable grammar sources and textbooks that follow a basic logical paradigm. It covers all the areas of grammar, numbers, nouns, and everything related to it. It’s available to anyone who wishes to begin learning Spanish. What’s more impressive is that you can customize your course without losing the foundation of learning the language. You can start with the basics, and once you feel like you need to level up your game, you can always opt to go to the next stage of your Spanish learning lesson plans. A table of content is provided, which will be your guide to the topics that you can start learning with.
  • It’s entirely designed for beginners.
  • Cost? FREE!


The ultimate way to succeed in learning Spanish is by LIKING to Learn Spanish or other languages. Learning something new makes your brain function productively and improves your entire personality – intellectually. Now, online language courses for those who wanted to learn Spanish are entirely designed for COMMITTED ones. Just because it’s not the traditional classroom set up means that there are no rules, and you can slack around. Studying online also requires a lot of discipline and self-motivation. If you are really into learning Spanish or any other global languages, you have to stick to that plan and push yourself to finish the course. The guidelines, links, and resources that were covered today give you the idea that there are a lot of options and ways for you to learn Spanish without the need to go out to enroll in an actual language school.  It is what technology can do for us – it makes almost everything accessible and available. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out those sites for you to begin your Spanish learning journey and start harvesting the benefits.

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