In Review: 25 Most Recommended Online Language Courses

Online learning had been booming in this era. Because the interest in learning a new language increases, we have collected 25 of the most sought-out online language courses that anyone must visit.

The French Experiment (

For those who are seeking to speak and learn French, the French Experiment is your best stop. Our French online lessons are equipped with audio that will significantly benefit the language learning beginners, particularly those who had chosen French as their new language to learn.

Our online platform offers basic counting of numbers in French. From 1 to 100, until you make it to one million. Our lessons will cover everything you need to know about the number and how to count them correctly. You will also discover that a certain French number does not mean similar meaning to a non-French speaking country.

Our online course will also teach you and help you understand basic questions and ask them properly. Remember that question words are just one of the essential vocabularies and communication that any French learners must know. Not only will our lessons equip you to join any conversation and even start and standby a conversation confidently, no matter how long it takes. The curriculum will include the basic ‘How? When? Where? Who? What? How? Which? Why?’

Another important lesson that our French online course will cater is to tell time correctly in French properly! If you are in France or anywhere in Europe, you need a lot of time to catch up with the many things you can and need to do around this beautiful country. Need to book an appointment? Catch a train? Make it to a particular dinner date? You must know how to tell the right time and understand time in order not to be late. Bear in mind that Time is Gold.

If you are learning French not only because you wanted to speak it but also because you have plans to travel to any French-speaking country, expect that you will encounter some communication problems and misunderstandings along the way. Therefore, it is enormously crucial that you know how to apologize correctly and show courtesy. Knowing how to say sorry in French, mostly if you failed to understand what your counterpart is talking about in French, will surely be your lifesaver, so to speak.

It will also support you a lot if you can turn an offending or negative comment or statement into a positive thought. Our online language course will help you overturn any conversation or message by using basic or straightforward French words.

Our online French courses will teach you about possessive nouns and adjectives, describe the weather appropriately, identify the days of the week correctly, be able to talk about your family and friends, as well as make use of fillers in any conversation properly. As a bonus, you will also learn a lot of French expressions and idioms that will help you speak the language like a local.

See, they said that French could be difficult, and there’s a lot who mispronounced many French words and brands. It is where The French Experiment online language course plays a significant role in those who wanted to learn French and speak it like they were born with it.

Rocket Languages (

When it comes to French language learning, our online language courses are your best partner. We conceptualized it for people to quickly grasp and use the new language flawlessly like a local. It’s an all-in-one type of package just for you.

Our language courses online use practical and authentic words commonly used in typical day-to-day conversations incorporating correct vocabulary and grammar application. We will present you with a wide range of words and phrases you can use immediately and appropriately.

We will see to it that you will not only understand and speak French or other global languages after taking our online courses, but you can also write and read it. It will significantly prepare you for any situations that you may encounter. We have a sophisticated voice recognition medium that will check and help you in areas you need to improve focus more. Our grammar teaching process does not only stop at simple words and phrases; instead, it will teach you the works through the flow of lessons that suits you and which you can easily digest. Proper grammar will help you speak any language well as locals do.

Our online language learning platform will help you conquer your fear of speaking the new language out loud. We will guide and help you become more confident in speaking and expressing yourself using French or any secondary language you choose to learn. We also use a testing tool that will make sure that every lesson will retain in your Memory. We make use of state-of-the-art learning algorithms that will assist you in areas that need improvement.

What’s great about our online language course is that you can download every lesson as well as our mobile app to keep you reminded and guided about your daily tasks. You can seamlessly learn at your own pace wherever you are and anytime you wish – even when you’re sipping coffee. It’s pretty flexible, so you don’t have to worry that you might miss your lessons.

Each level has roughly 120-hours each, so you are guaranteed that you get as many learning materials as you expected to have from other online courses in the market. In fact, our client learners have a lot to say about the satisfaction they are getting from our online learning materials. They have also expressed how well we have filled in the gap from their past online language courses’ experiences. Being able to listen to your language lessons is far different from just reading it. It enables you to understand and better retain what you are learning until you find yourself confidently speaking it.

Because we wanted to provide you with everything you need in order to learn a language, we think outside of the box just to give you the quality you truly deserve. With us, you are actually getting more from what you have subscribed for and will be gaining even more until you have reached your fullest language learning potential.

Although learning a new language is entirely challenging, our language courses will assure you that the journey will be worth it.

Memory (

Just like how we welcome our client learners – learn faster with Memory – that is us.

So, what does our online language site offers? We have various modes of teaching languages to our online learners, like Flashcards, yes flashcards. It may seem old-school but is still an excellent way of learning not just languages but anything fast. You’ll be able to test and boost your learnings by reading what is stated in front of the card, then the answer is the one that pops in your head, or you can say it out loud if you are confident. The correct answer will be revealed at the back of the card. Then you can tell us whether your answer was right or wrong. The test here is that the more correct answers you get as your progress, the fewer chances you need to flip the card to see if you are right.

The next we have is the Smart mode. It is a combination of all the methods we have in this online course. It rotates intelligently based on the progress and improvement of your learning ability. It is the best mode to stop over with if you are unsure where to begin. The name itself indicates that these modes present you with easy lessons that will kickstart your learning journey. Courses will become more advanced as you continue with improvement until you have reached a challenging level where typing and speaking are part of the exercises.

We have the practice mode where questions you have already learned earlier in the previous sessions are being revised. The system will review the answers you give in each item to assess your performance. Our platform has a dashboard feature that will serve as a reminder when the questions are due for you to answer.

Another part of our learning tool is the multiple-choice mode. This option teaches our online learners to think fast and learn fast. You can easily choose answers from our system-generated questions that will also test your Memory and what you have learned in our courses. The typing mode is also part of our learning module. Typing is one of the tools that will help you improve the things you are studying online. We learn that the more you type, the better things will retain in your Memory.

We also have the exam/test mode, where you will be assessed at how far you have learned. The course will be presenting you with a couple of questions related to the lessons you have taken, and you will only find out the correct answers after all the tests. What’s great about it is that you can repeat the exams so you can monitor your progress and the areas where improvement is needed.

We cover all ways for you to learn: listening, speaking, and writing. These are the crucial modes that are important when learning a new language because these are ways to communicate every day. We take advantage of your abilities and make sure that these areas will significantly improve so you can be ready with anything that may come your way, especially when you travel to foreign countries.

Frantastique (

Perfect for trying immersive lessons.

Our online language learning platform provides customized, fun, yet short lessons for French learners. Our objectives are to motivate you, engage you in participating more, and monitor your progress.

We create lessons based on your goals, needs, and capabilities. Reviews about your progress are being conducted. Once completed, we send our students their personalized evaluation along with specific corrections and explanations for you to understand and improve those areas.

What’s great about our online language course is that we based the lessons to our online students’ strengths and weaknesses then as soon as they have finished their online course, we will be sending them a certification of completion.

We boast of being using state-of-the-art AI technology that will make our students more engulfed to the French custom and tradition and is equipped to accommodate the lessons our online learners need. It will assess the students’ performance in every class and will accordingly adjust the level of difficulty to the next tasks to come.

We genuinely conduct all our French lessons, and we solely depend on the sink and swim principle, where students get to indulge in basic French. We consider our online course a unique way of teaching people the French language.

Aside from our free trial, we also offer our client students with an array of contents making their e-learning experience exciting as much as possible. However, speaking exercises are not included in our curriculum.

We are not setting aside the possibility that by nature, people can forget certain things over time. Therefore, our online course is designed with a system that creates a schedule for every student using the platform.

Our lessons are available for Android and iOS, enabling students to take their French lessons anytime they can and wherever they may be.

Those who have experienced our platform and quality of service had broadly expressed their gratitude through positive reviews. We were able to help them improve their French-speaking ability and present a significant impact in terms of their comprehension. We are proud to have contributed to our client learners’ confidence in communicating in French and holding a conversation in the said language regardless of the situation.

Like other online language courses, we all share the same advocacy, which is to make learning a language more accessible and engaging. Our platform is for anyone who wanted to gain new knowledge in terms of language is concerned. Our team of brilliant brains keeps our website easy to understand and can easily be integrated with other devices.

And because the idea of “online” learning a language is “convenience,” Fantastique is designed to go with you anywhere and wherever you want or have to be. You can learn the lessons at your own pace and at your preferred time. Remember that our curriculum is structured according to your needs, goals, and learning abilities.

Should you be traveling to a foreign country for work, schooling, or vacation purposes, learning a widely spoken language aside from English can definitely work wonders.

News in Slow French (

Just a heads-up, our online course does not only contain news and current events in slow French, we still make sure that you will be surprised at how engaging and fun it can be together with your gradual improvement in speaking French fluently.

Our Beginners’ course will surely delight those who love storytelling because each part of this course will invite learners to continue improving and engage even more deeply into the lessons. Then as you move to the Intermediate course contents, you will become more hooked to learning French. At this level, you will encounter more grammar, French expressions, and more French stories that you, as a French language student, will love while learning online.

The Beginners’ level will introduce you to the French language through an opening play where a French teacher and her student are the main characters. It will slowly involve a lot of French and English mixture into the plot where you will be able to listen to a normal day-to-day conversation with a touch of culture, storytelling, and humor.

There are roughly 30 scenarios in our beginner course, which include: opening, hello again, expressions, grammar, proper French pronunciation, quizzes, exams, and lastly, the closing.

The intermediate level is considered the treasure chest of our online language course. We believe this level as what makes News in Slow French well-known to those who sincerely decide to learn French and are ready to become one of the French locals. Our course is made unique with its weekly 30-minute episode that includes new stories, an expression subject, and a grammar subject.

Our language learners will encounter more grammar and pronunciation at this level, which they can apply in their everyday routine. Its intermediate section is enormous because it covers all the components that our students had to learn in a productive and fun way. You would rarely notice that you have gone so far into this course because, aside from being engaged in the curriculum, you will also find yourself progressing remarkably in learning French.

Finally, the Advance level will provide you with five fresh new stories every week, and this time the hosts will be speaking its normal fast-paced flow. You will appreciate the language even more as they discuss the news and current events into a much deeper scenario. In this level, you can also take advantage of our interactive transcripts. The way we created our online learning curriculum is by far the best online news program that will teach you to speak French and make use of the transcripts.

Pimsleur (

You prefer learning online because you wanted to take advantage of the luxury and hassle-free benefits that it can bring. Also, you wanted to learn things at your own pace at the comforts of your own home or wherever you decide to be.

Here at Pimsleur, we strive to make your language learning experience as easy and interactive as possible. Making use of the unique Pimsleur teaching methods learning a language has never been this better.

Our online learning platform offers core lessons that have 30-minutes lessons you can bring with you wherever you need to go. Some tasks will let you read in French or other foreign languages flawlessly. It also has a role-playing challenge where conversations are in written transcripts. You can also learn from digital flashcards that can enhance your vocabulary and boost your foreign language writing. We’ll also help you learn more skills by earning badges from each lesson and practice what you improve in. We have the speed round game where your conversational skills will be tested in a fast-paced manner within a fun game. Part of learning a language is being knowledgeable also about its history and culture.

Imagine this, you can quickly learn a language or any language for that matter wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. With just 30-minutes a day, you can already discover new foreign words, learn diverse cultures, gain remarkable experiences, and become more prepared to take on the world.

All we need is 30-minutes of your time for us to get you ready to speak a new language quickly without you even noticing it. You can soon make dinner reservations, book a flight, order online, inquire about travel accommodations, listen, and start a conversation – all these by using your new language through our online language course.

Alison (

Alison’s free online language courses include learning English, French, Spanish, German, Irish, and many more. We offer a raw beginners’ course outline until an advanced level on all of our free language courses. We value the significance of being able to speak multiple languages. It is a skill that will provide anyone with benefits in terms of career and education are concerned. We guarantee that our online language courses will be your gateway to a great future.

As we all know, French has been the official language of more than 29 countries in 5 continents, and with the help of our Alison online language classes, you will soon be one of the global speakers of the language of love, as what they call it.

We offer a Diploma after you have successfully finished your French language courses. You will become a certified diploma holder in French Language Studies, which means that you have learned the French language’s primary and ultimate factors. From grammar to numbers and to phonetics, social conversations, and French accents.

We will be teaching your words and phrases in French that you can use to introduce yourself and terms that you can use for your daily activities such as meeting people, buying groceries, ordering food, traveling, and others.

We also offer certificates for our free online language course takers. Our certificate course provides a 3-hour training module that is complete and packed in detail.

We do not only provide online courses for various languages but as well as other niches in science, business, humanities, and a lot more.

Mondly (

Learning a global language gives you the freedom and confidence to travel anywhere because you will not have to worry about not communicating or understanding that country’s language. We make sure that fluency is what you will gain from Mondly, and mastering a new language is just beyond your reach. We provide an easy, fast, and fun way of learning languages using a cutting-edge technology that will enable you to speak the language of your choice much faster than you can imagine.

Our online language courses allow you to choose and learn from 33 global languages and not just English, as other online language apps offer. It may not be and is not easy, but Mondly will work things out because we know its importance.

With over 50 million global client students, we are proud to say that we also have courses for kids to learn a new language too. We call it mondlyKID, and children who have already tried it had so much fun that they didn’t notice that they are actually studying a language.

One of our breakthroughs is the most advanced way of learning the language right at the comforts of your home or wherever you choose to be.  We make use of VR technology, which has real-life conversations demonstrated by virtual characters that will also be your guide all throughout the course. They will show you how fun learning can be using this exceptional technology. You will also receive feedback from your speaking exercises in terms of pronunciation is concerned. Mondly VR will also be recommending you ways to improve your vocabulary as well as a never before experience of learning a language online – all these are brought to you by Mondly.

Radiolingua (

Who loves coffee? Guess a lot of people do, especially the Europeans. Therefore, if you plan a trip to any of the European cities and famous tourist destinations, being equipped with their language adds more to your travel experience.

At radiolingua, we will help you learn a language during your coffee break. Our coffee break languages let you take advantage of learning various languages online. We offer free podcasts to listen easily and learn different languages or your chosen language like French, English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, or German. What’s impressive is that you can listen to podcasts anywhere and at your own pace.

Our Coffee Break French course has four levels, which represent a ‘season.’ There are 40 lessons per season: Season 1 is the Absolute Beginner, which is the first step, Season 2 is the Lower Intermediate, Season 3 is the Upper Intermediate, and the Season 4 is the Advanced Learner, lastly is the Upper Advanced course.

In Season 1, there will be a teacher and a language learner who will serve as your guide for the basic French, which has 40 lessons. You will be taught to introduce yourself and do basic greetings in French. This first step will benefit those who will be traveling to any French-speaking destination.

Season 2 is where you establish your understanding of the French language. At this level, you will teach how the French language works and how you should say what you want or need to say. The teacher and student in Season 1 will still join you in Season 2 to help cover the topics for you. They will help you understand the French sentence structure and grammar better.

Our Season 3 will take you a notch further and deeper into the French language and culture. Here you will be encountering a more complex and profound French vocabulary and sentences.

Finally, in Season 4, you will be tasked to focus on a story that is part of your 40-lesson course. After this season, you are expected to have to build a substantial grasp of the French idiomatic expressions and complex grammar.

Lingodeer (

When it comes to learning French, Lingodeer is one of the most chosen online language courses by many, and here’s why. We make use of a grammar-based curriculum that are crafted by the best language teachers on the planet. These course outlines will help you build a more profound sense of the French language or any global language you prefer to study. Lingodeer clearly understands the complexity of diverse international languages, which is why we created our lessons with genuine accuracy and standpoint.

At Lingodeer, we include voice lessons from the beginning of the course until we finish. The voice lessons are prepared and outsourced from native language speakers, improving your speaking and listening abilities.

Just like other online language courses, we see the efficiency of flashcards as a teaching tool. There’s no need for you to design a flashcard because we have already prepared them for you. What you have to do is choose what suits you and test yourself anytime you feel like it.

Retention is essential to us; therefore, we allow you to review and go back to the questions you have answered incorrectly in previous lessons through our Target training mode.

You can also review grammatical concepts through Knowledge Cards, which are downloadable, and you can either produce a printed copy or save them on your mobile device.

Another fun feature of LingoDeer is its customizable application, where it allows you to create your own routine and functions that you think will work best for you. You can customize the background color, change the narrator’s voice, or pick a script type.

French Today (

French Today appears to be an online language course that collaborates with a wife, a husband, and their daughter. The teaching approach is for their students’ benefit, where they explain the French vocabulary, grammar, or pronunciation in English. They use a gradual flow of teaching to curb the overwhelming scenario of the student being pressured to learn the lesson instantly. Here, they disregard any possibilities that you can already understand French; instead, they will still provide you with speaking exercises together with other classes throughout the entire course.

They find the use of dialogues or the conversational structure more appealing and more effective to language learners, introduced in the Beginners Level. They get to understand and remember the language easily because it depicts the normal day-to-day conversation. It includes how to present your family and the country you came from, talk about your hobbies, doing grocery shopping, planning to travel, and a lot more.

Come the Intermediate Level, where a more practical approach is applied for online language learners to understand further the traditional and modern French culture and language. They involve more of the French vocabulary and grammar and explain them in English to better understand their English students. Part of the day-to-day conversation scenarios includes making phone calls, talking about your favorite TV show, running errands at the grocery, ordering food, and so much more.

Going deeper into the course is the Upper Intermediate, where we begin the French past and future tenses. Daily everyday conversations will include expressing feelings, introducing hobbies, and favorite past-time activities, describing a vacation experience, plus more.

Then finally, the Advance course where we establish the different French moods. At this level, we teach our students how to communicate with peers and colleagues at the office, talk about cooking, new or joining a healthy and friendly debate, and a lot deeper and more severe conversations they can do using the French language.

Preply (

Preply is an online language course that offers one on one language tutorial from competent and well-trained language tutors across the globe.

Our platform will help you speak any global language of your choice naturally as if it were your mother tongue and will curb your worries about not being able to communicate well every time your travel.

We offer language tutorials for the following languages: French, Spanish, German, English, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and more.

We guarantee our online language students that our tutors are well-assessed and that we have verified their individual profile respectively.

We design our online language course to be flexible enough to meet your needs. You can take your lessons at your preferred time and your own pace. This means busy people who still wanted to learn a language are gladly welcome.

Our tutors were trained to pay attention to the skills that you need. Expect that part of your learning process is understanding the culture and tradition of the language of your choice. You will be well-guided on how to overcome unexpected challenges and solve any problems using the language you have chosen to study.

Learning a new foreign language is not just for the sake of you knowing it. It’s also an excellent step for you to succeed in your career or embrace the tons of opportunities that awaits you after you graduated from college. Remember, nothing beats a first impression with a foreign language.

You can always request a specified private tutor, or if it doesn’t work for you, you can choose another tutor for free. With this fast-paced technology, it becomes easier to do video calls and online classes through various platforms and applications, making it convenient for work, learning, and many more.

What’s great about our online language platform is that you can schedule when you wanted to take your lessons based on your calendar after picking your tutor. Your first lesson will be more about your personality, skills, and goals, so your tutor will know how to prepare the courses that will suit you.

Frenchbyfrench (

Many people believe that French can be difficult, but with the help of an efficient online language course, you will get to learn and speak the language like it was your mother tongue.

Frenchbyfrench is a free website that offers a free French language course that will elevate your knowledge about French and not just the language but its culture. You can learn French on our platform based on your preferred schedule and at your own pace.

Your lessons will revolve around a French family living their regular day-to-day routine that will expose you to a lot of speaking, reading, and writing, all in French, of course.

Frenchbyfrench will teach you French in an enjoyable, different way. It has exercises and free lessons that will genuinely provide you with tons of information about the French language, speak and pronounce it correctly, and make use of it appropriately when approaching or having a conversation with the French people.

You are assured that what you will be learning from this online language course is purely French, which you can use when communicating at home, at work or in school, meeting with friends, especially those who speak French, and when you travel to any French-speaking country.

The course has three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The beginners’ class will teach you the basics of French and will mold you to manage yourself when in France properly. The intermediate level will teach you a more in-depth scenario about how to handle and deal with the French language correctly, and finally, the advanced class will provide you with more learning materials such as songs, comics, text, and audio, all in genuine French.

lawless French (

Lawless French is a free online language course created by Laura Lawless, who is actually an American and now resides in France. You will enjoy the vast array of free learning resources for student French language learners of all levels, and she will share and expose you with a lot of French grammar, pronunciation lessons, vocabulary, together with reading and listening to audio lectures.

She will not only teach you the basics of French but a complete overview of the language itself. Although her lessons are self-studied, it is still well-structured and amazingly comprehensive, including quizzes and various listening exercises. By the end of the language course, you will be fully confident to travel to France and other French-speaking countries.

It also has a level starting from the beginner level to the advanced level. Recently Lawless French launched a new learning system where students can read their lessons and take the micro ‘kwiz’ after. The application will assess and check the answers to see if they have understood the task. It will also provide a link into mini-lessons that will explain the answers to the ‘kwiz.’ This new system will motivate more students to do good to get more correct answers during exams or ‘kwizes.’

Glossika (

Glossika is an online language course that provides lessons through audio format. Students will be able to listen to French and other foreign-language speakers as they usually communicate using words students can use in their everyday lives. This process will encourage language learners to absorb the correct grammar, vocabulary, language structure, and pronunciation.

Our platform focuses on speaking and listening because those are the two factors we find essential when learning a new language. Especially in learning French, it’s easier to remember it when you listen to it more and apply it through speaking. This exercise is the best approach for any language learner to absorb the lessons the acquire the retention needed to avoid forgetting what they have learned.

Glossika will also create lessons based on your skill level and interests. We customize the contents of each class since student learners have their own learning preferences. We use natural sentences during practices, which means that the achievement of the correct grammar, use of French vocabulary, and pronunciation is authentic. It means after the course our student learners can communicate just like a local and can confidently travel to any French-speaking country of their choice.

Since we use listening and speaking as our modes of learning French, we created our lessons to be on-the-go. It is perfect for student learners who are busy or prefer to study French elsewhere, say in a coffee shop, café, library, or even during travels.

Because glossika foresees the human tendency of forgetting things, we create a daily review lists for our student learners that will boost their sentence construction and vocabulary that will stick to their memory long term.

language transfer (

Deemed to be one of the reliable online language courses, Language Transfer can genuinely teach French. Because of how our lessons and the platform itself were structured so that beginners of our platform can flawlessly grasp how the real French-language works in terms of tools that you need to learn French confidently and the main grammar flow and critical points.

We created lessons incomplete audio files based on real-life experiences, learnings, or pointers where our online learners can relate and get involved entirely in the learning process. It is flexible enough that you can take it with you wherever you are across the globe.

Our free online courses include French, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Turkish, and English. You are assured to gain a lot about French from the comprehensive French materials that our team has assembled and completed, especially for the first-time language learners.

Fluenz (

If you seek an online language course that includes fun activities, games, awards, and all the exciting stuff, unfortunately, Fluenz is not one of them. But what we are proud of is how we take things slow and how deep and intimate we discuss the lessons to our language learners.

We follow the traditional way of teaching, and that is the academic approach. Our topics are a bit structured, giving our language learners more room to practice the lessons provided in video format.

With us, you are guaranteed with a spotless and well-taught out lesson, a comprehensive approach of explaining the French language and culture, and podcasts that are purposely for your continuous speaking and listening practices.

We created a unique way of teaching French and other languages through our talented video-tutors, our motivating and engaging platform interface, and the flashcards and audio materials incorporated into our teaching process. You have total control of your learning tools that you can basically take your lessons anytime and anywhere you want. You can always go back to your previous classes if you wanted to review something or wanted to recall words and vocabulary. Our online platform is at your own disposal.

Plus, we don’t hide behind our systems and computers. We go out and meet personally with our students, but we put our meet-and-greet into the hold during the pandemic, but we promise to continue it once the new normalizes.

Learn French with Alexa (

There isn’t any second-guessing. Alexa, herself, will be your French language teacher throughout your journey with us. She’s been a French teacher for more than 20 years, which makes her credible enough to teach and train those who wanted to be proficient in the French language.

Having that said, she has prepared a perfect curriculum that will make any French lovers understand, speak, and write French anywhere just by learning online. She uses podcasts and her YouTube channel in order to present a handful of free materials in learning French. There are over 500 videos that contain everything you need to know about French, but for starters, she will be introducing the days of the week, number, and French greetings. She also has an Advance course that will guarantee that students will fly out of the time confident and well-equipped to take on the French language challenge anywhere in the world.

There are also more in-depth lessons provided with paid plans available on her website. These courses will give a more established knowledge about French and its culture.

She offers many takeaways where you can easily download her tutorial videos and watch it during your downtime and anywhere you wanted to be.

You will enjoy this French online language learning experience with Alexa because every session will provide you with exercises and worksheets that will help you improve every day. It promises that you will reach your full potential in carrying out the language anywhere you go on this planet.

Français Authentique (

Vocabulary and speaking are just two of the essential skills that any language learners should acquire in order to be ready enough to communicate in any language they choose. Our online language learning platform will not only pay attention to your skills but as well as to the areas we find could be your learning potential.

Francais Authentique is a French-language learning course that aims to immerse students in speaking French and have a more in-depth knowledge of the language’s authenticity and culture. Paying more detail to listen before speaking is what this platform believes to be the best technique for someone learning French to be accurate and confident in the language.

Students will be exposed to almost everything about French. From the common phrases and expressions commonly encountered daily to the more profound and more comprehensive application of the language. There will be a handful of exercises that will enhance the French-speaking skills that will start at the Beginner level, Intermediate, and finally, the Advanced level.

The mission is to curb out the overwhelming stress when learning a new language. With Francais Authentique, all you have to do is listen and attend to your lessons anytime convenient for you, and absolutely anywhere you wanted to learn your French courses. You can learn from French through our podcasts, blog, tutorial videos, mobile app, and of course, quizzes that will significantly support your learning process and improve your French.

Speechling (

Speechling is a free online language learning course that focuses on proper French pronunciation and speaking. As its name suggests, Speechling will let you listen to audio and videos of native French speakers and tutors and imitate how they say French words. Getting used to it will improve your speaking, understanding, and pronunciation, just like a local of a French community.

Exercises include a lot about diction, where your listening and retention will be trained and tested. Students will have access to recordings of various words and phrases wherein the end. A test will be available to assess how well you can recall what you have heard.

Various French lessons are offered, such as the Discover Pack, Discussions Pack, Videos Pack, and the Integral Pack. The Authentic Discussions pack has 12 courses that will train students to understand French speakers and eventually address the confusion of understanding the language. We will help you grasp the language without any difficulty and worry.

Comme une Française (

It’s the French language online learning school where Geraldine Lepere is the teacher. Her passion for the French language and culture created a YouTube channel where tutorial videos can easily be accessed every day for those who wanted to learn French quickly and accurately.

She has French courses for newbies where vocabulary, phrases, and grammar will be introduced as well as the essential things any beginner should know about the French language. The Master Spoken French will help you understand and speak French as native French-speakers do. The “Exercise Your French” is where you will be trained to listen to real French words being used in real-life situations. No matter how fast it may sound, you will boost not only your comprehension but, more importantly, your knowledge about the French language.

You will also learn many legit French expressions, how not to sound boring, the basic rules and examples of dealing with daily life situations in French, and expressing yourself entirely in French.

You can also avail of their daily French crash course, where you can receive a free email program every day. And for just ten days, you will be able to speak, sound, and absorb the French vibe flawlessly for free. You will be learning a lot of French vocabulary and natural expressions you can use daily.

Memrise (

This online language tool offers free courses and premium packages with a corresponding monthly fee. It’s a flashcard app because it’s easier to remember words, plus their mnemonics method enables their students to memorize vocabulary and phrases. Part of their course is conversational language recorded by foreign-language speakers. They create a more personalized way of teaching languages that aim to motive their students. Also, they use a lot of entertaining approaches and memory-boosting techniques to improve retention and recall.

It’s also flexible enough for busy students who can only squeeze in a few hours into their busy schedules. You can easily download the lessons to any mobile device and take your class anytime you are free and anywhere you want to be. There is no timeline in learning a language. In fact, baby steps are still a great way to reach your goals in learning a new language.

Memrise cover language lessons for French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Korean. What’s impressive about this online course is that they also offer other categories other than language. They have math, science, arts and literature, history, geography, and so much more!

Memrise boasts of having the kind of learning technique that textbooks don’t have and that it is the real-life language lesson. They have a pool of expert linguists who have a passion for teaching simple language and applying them in everyday situations. You are assured that after the language courses, you will confidently speak, understand, write, and face and real-life situations using the new language of your choice.

Elearningfrench (

The Elearningfrench online language course embodies the same version used by the FSI French course. Elearningfrench has two main classes: the French for starters and French for the Intermediate level. There are 12 French lessons on each module, which will expose you deeply into listening to the French conversation, French words, French phrases, and French dialogues. There is also an explanation of the French vocabulary and grammar for you to use it in your daily routine. Some exercises and quizzes will test and assess how far your language skills have improved.

This platform is also perfect for those who wanted to review specific French language areas, such as proverbs, idioms, famous sayings, and French slang. You can also learn some popular French songs and music videos with French lyrics and, of course, translations. One of the best methods of learning a new language is listening to the music created in French. It’s entertaining, fresh, and fun.

By the way, the website also has an embedded French-English dictionary and vice-versa.

Journal en Français Facile (

Journal en Français Facility is a podcast that works as an online journal that talks about history, world news, and French events. It makes it easier for starters to learn the language through this free French-language broadcast. Since this online channel only speaks French, those who wanted to learn the language can treat this podcast as their online language course because RFI teaches it too in context. They encourage language learners and listeners to grasp French and, at the same time, make use of words that don’t usually encounter every day. Make them recall and remember French words and enhance their comprehension of the language. RFI utilizes their radio-type online program to provide news and encourage those who wanted to learn and the current French learners to improve daily.

RFI has a team of French experts and radio professionals who serves as language teachers online/on-air. It is flawless and faster to learn a language when you get to hear it every day. Since news is a daily habit, then listening to it in the language you wanted to know, for instance, French is less of a hassle than other ways of learning it online.

You will be amused at the RFI concept because it’s an online newspaper, podcasts, and an everyday magazine all in one channel. It’s a digital platform that will teach you French as you listen to them daily. They will continue to invite and encourage their listeners never to stop learning the French language.

iboux (

Iboux is an online language course that makes you feel like you are attending lessons inside a classroom, only virtual and digital. You get to meet your language teacher online, who will give you the same exact feels of a traditional language setting. You will experience using an online whiteboard, learning materials, file sharing, chat, and a lot more.

You can take your language lessons depending on your own pace and preference. Since online classes are private, which means it’s just going to be you and your language teacher, you are assured that your learnings are substantial and made personalized according to your skills and learning level. This teaching technique is iboux’s way of ensuring their online language students that they get the most of their language experience and everything that needed to know about French.

This online language learning platform presents you with six levels of learning French, which is based on the requirement of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or CEFR. During private classes, you get to complete each level within 30-hours, which, again, you can take any time you can and anywhere you wanted to be. You can set your schedule with your teacher, who will be your language instructor across the entire course. It is a fully customized online course where you can cancel or reschedule your lessons or have a complete change in your learning schedule, but you have to give them 24-hour notice.

They have the best language teachers that are pure native instructors. Trust that you will learn the basics of French and the common phrases you can use in your daily routine and conversation with any French locals if you travel to any French-speaking country.

Aside from French, this platform also offers lessons in Spanish and English.

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