The Best Podcasts for Learning Spanish

If you’re looking for a fun and interesting way to learn Spanish, look no further than podcasts! There are several great podcasts out there that can help you improve your language skills. We will discuss some of the best podcasts for learning Spanish. We’ll also provide tips on how to get the most out of these podcasts. So, if you’re ready to start learning Spanish, read on!

Spanish Podcasts: A Great Way to Supplement Your Studies

While Spanish podcasts are an excellent tool to supplement your Spanish studies, they might not be enough to speak fluent Spanish by themselves. However, they are easy to download and listen to while commuting or doing chores, which can make them a more convenient way to learn.

Podcasts are a great way to improve your listening comprehension skills. By listening to podcasts regularly, you will get used to the sounds of Spanish and the way that native speakers speak. This will make it easier for you to understand Spanish speakers when you are listening to them.

The Benefits of Using Podcasts to Learn Spanish

The main benefits of using podcasts to learn Spanish are that they help with listening comprehension, expose learners to a variety of different topics and accents, and can help teach about culture in Spanish-speaking countries. They can be a great resource for supplementing other learning materials, such as textbooks or online courses.

Podcast Transcripts are the Best Way to Learn Spanish

Learning a new language can be difficult, but with the right tools, it can be a lot easier. One of the best tools for learning Spanish is a podcast transcript. Podcast transcripts are powerful because they provide an understanding and identify chunks. This means that you can listen to the podcast at full speed and still understand what is being said. Additionally, you can identify high-frequency word combinations that will help you learn the language faster. The best podcasts for learning Spanish always include a transcript so that you can take advantage of all these benefits.

Spanish podcasts with Transcripts

Spanish podcasts can be a great way to improve your listening comprehension skills. By listening to the podcast episode several times, you can get a better understanding of what is being said. You can also look up words and expressions in a dictionary to help you understand them better. Pay attention to phrases, expressions, and word combinations that sound natural to a native speaker.

Spanish podcasts without a Transcript

Spanish podcasts can be a great way to improve your language skills, but if you don’t have the transcript, it can be difficult to follow along. I recommend taking a more casual approach and just listening to the episode without making too much of an effort to look up words. Extensive listening like this will train your ears and help you get used to the sounds of Spanish as well!

Podcasts for Spanish Learners: All Resources are Free!

They are free to listen to and many of them offer access to extra episode resources for an additional fee. The resources often include the transcript, which can be very helpful in learning the language. However, you don’t have to pay for them if you don’t want to and can still enjoy listening to the podcasts without the transcript.

The Best Spanish Podcasts for Learning the Language

Here is our top 11 list of Spanish podcasts, perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners!

  1. SpanishPod101 Episodes for Learning Spanish – is one of the most extensive Spanish podcasts out there, with 1800 episodes. You can learn from a range of native speakers from different parts of the Spanish-speaking world, giving you a better feel for how they speak the language in those different regions. The audio lessons are high quality and have different hosts for beginners up to advanced Spanish learners.
  2. Spring Spanish Podcast: A Fun and Effective Way to Learn Spanish! – Offers a unique learning experience that is based on the concept of Conversation Based Chunking™. This approach encourages students to learn Spanish in manageable chunks, which makes the language more approachable and easier to retain. In addition, the podcast offers over 40 episodes that cover a variety of topics, from grammar to Latin culture. Each episode includes a transcript and flashcards, making it easy for students to review and practice what they have learned.
  3. The Coffee Break Spanish Podcast – The podcast is written by experienced teachers, and there are 40 episodes available. The accent used in the podcast is from Spain, which can be a little difficult to understand at times. However, the lessons are well organized and provide a lot of useful information.
  4. Learn Spanish with the StoryLearning Podcast – is a great way to improve your Spanish skills. The podcast is a long story, with a new episode released every day. The written transcripts come free with each episode, along with word lists for difficult words. This makes it ideal to learn to understand fast, spoken Spanish.
  5. News in Slow Spanish: Interactive Transcripts and Extra Materials – is the best podcast for anyone looking to improve their Spanish skills. The interactive transcripts are helpful, as they allow you to follow along with the conversation while also seeing the translation. The additional materials that are available for purchase, such as grammar points and pronunciation exercises, are also very useful.
  6. The Notes in Spanish Podcast: Authentic Listening Practice – it provides a great opportunity for students to improve their listening skills by listening to authentic Spanish conversations and interviews. The episodes are available at different language levels, so students can choose the episode that is best suited for their level. Additionally, transcripts are provided for each episode, which can help students further improve their comprehension skills.
  7. Duolingo’s podcast is a premium language-learning platform that includes a language-learning website and application. It comes with a transcript, which makes it their best product. The podcast might be their best product because it is more interesting and easier to follow than the website or application. The podcast also has the bonus of being portable, so people can learn a language while they are on the go.
  8. Learn Spanish and Go – is a great podcast for students looking to learn Spanish. The hosts, Jim and May, are very engaging and provide lots of interesting content. Each episode is packed with information, and the bonus materials available in the Podcast Membership make it even better.
  9. Spanish Obsessed – is a great resource for anyone looking to quickly and efficiently learn Spanish. With 58 beginner episodes, 59 intermediate episodes, and 56 advanced episodes available, there is a course for everyone. Each episode includes audio with transcripts and a review of grammar and vocabulary, making learning fun and easy.
  10. LightSpeed Spanish – The hosts, Gordon Smith, and Cynthia Durán are both experienced teachers and offer great tips in each episode. There are over 150 episodes available, with transcripts for both beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced speaker, LightSpeed Spanish is a great podcast to help you improve your Spanish skills.
  11. Radio Ambulante Podcast – is a Spanish-language podcast that uses long-form audio journalism. It is a pioneering podcast in Spanish that features Latin American audio chronicles. They offer different topics such as news, talk, music, entertainment programs, and a lot more. The level is pretty high, and the podcast is not necessarily aimed at language learners. If you’re at a high intermediate level, this is an excellent resource to expand your vocabulary!


Podcasts are an excellent way to learn Spanish on the go! If you’re looking for some great options, be sure to check out our list of the best podcasts for learning Spanish. So why not give them a try? They can be your gateway to learning the language in no time.

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