What’s the Difference Between Kanji and Hanzi?

Hanzi and kanji are the Chinese and Japanese pronunciations of the term 漢字 that is used in the two dialects. It alludes to the Chinese characters that the two dialects use in their writing systems. Chinese is composed altogether in hanzi, and Japanese uses Chinese characters. Despite that, are hanzi and kanji still very similar? They’re […]

Do Chinese and Japanese Understand each other’s Language?

Sometimes when we are looking at a map of these two countries in Asia—Japan and China, we think that they are neighbouring countries. Yes, they are so close to each other. But most of us are mistaken in thinking that they share the same languages. It happens when at some point you are looking at […]

Is Korean Worth Learning?

The Korean language is used by an estimated 75,000,000 numbers of people in North and South Korea and is still spreading all over the world. Though most of its speakers are living in North and South Korea and its neighboring islands, there are still more than three million Korean speakers scattered worldwide. Are you a […]

The Benefits and Strategies of Reading a Foreign Language

“If you want to learn a foreign language, then you should be reading in it.” By learning to read in an unknown dialect, it propels you forward in determining the syntactic guidelines of the new language, helping you to become proficient enough that you can express your views, Seeing the content of new words and […]

Is Russian or Arabic Harder to Learn?

Trying to learn either the Russian or Arabic language isn’t a simple thing to do! Which one is harder to learn? Which is easier? This article discusses these topics. Many people freely give their opinion that it is good to learn the Russian language before learning Arabic. For some reason, people find it simpler to […]

14 Of The Best Language Exchange Sites

Are you bored with reading a lot of books, dictionaries, or any other sort of things? Have even tried several ways to figure out how things will help you in your language learning? And still wondering perhaps why it never helps? You don’t have to feel discouraged! Because today we will figure out other ways […]