The Best Way for Kids to Learn Spanish: 15 Simple Tips

If you\’re an adult just starting to learn the language, there are plenty of study methods you could have opted for. But how do you choose the best language learning method for children? Plenty of people keep it simple by using a Spanish textbook and some accompanying workbook that can be used alongside your usual […]

25 Useful Stuff You Can Say in Spanish

Ever found yourself in the company of someone who speaks a language you don\’t? Chances are they\’re speaking to you in their own language. And while it may be difficult to glean much from a stranger\’s speech, think about how much more engaging and welcoming it would be if for once they were able to […]

10 Spanish Phrases You Should Learn

If you’re thinking of traveling to Latin America, or any Spanish-speaking country, there are phrases that you should be familiar with to avoid embarrassment. To help get you started with the basics for this beautiful language, here are five essential Spanish phrases that you must know before heading off on your next trip abroad. Hola: […]

Learn Spanish: A Beginners Study Guide

Think about this: if the goal is to speak Spanish, why do most beginners start learning Spanish using approaches that don\’t compel them to express it? It is the single greatest mistake most people commit when they study Spanish or some other language. Many learning strategies only teach you the \”stuff\” of Spanish, such as […]