The Best Books for Learning the German Language

Learning a foreign language is quite arduous, and very tricky but worth it.

Do you want to boost your reading skills?

Have you ever anxious to which book offers excellent results, or considering a comprehensive reference for learning German?

This post will give you some overview and information about what book is better and most acquired by many students today.

16 Best Books for Learning German

Here are the most guaranteed books of all time;

Practice Makes Perfect German Vocabulary (Practice Makes Perfect Series) 2nd Edition

Studying Vocabulary words is somewhat confusing, and it takes more time to do it. Luckily, this book offers the advantage of mastering German vocabulary words without feeling hard.


Practice Makes Perfect German Vocabulary helps you develop your vocabulary by providing exercise in word-building and urging you to analyse distinct words for an ever-increasing vocabulary.

As you extend the grounds for an increasing vocabulary, you can develop your new words with loads of exercises and gain the courage to communicate well in German.

Reading Comprehension Success in 20 Minutes a Day 6th Edition

Reading Comprehension in 20 Minutes a Day is a paperback format composed of 224 pages available in the market. It enhances learners’ excellent reading skills in plainly 20 brief lessons.


In this book, students can learn to read passages of all kinds such as literature, essays, technical writing, scientific articles, and more. It critically to uncover the main idea, and draw results.

This is one of the best-seller ranks at Amazon with four stars average customer’s review. The students or learners find this book so helpful that assist their language learning journey and reading comprehension skills.

Want to grab it? Do it now!

The Everything Learning German Book: Speak, write, and understand basic German in no time

Mastering German is far more straightforward than you think. With this model, you will make an understanding of this fascinating language in no time.


This book appears with easy-to-understand teachings, helpful exercises, and a CD for pronunciation guidance. You don’t feel unease with this model, the construction on the German language’s close relation to English. This all-new edition incorporates everything from basic introductions to verb conversions.

This edition comprises sufficient material like proper language for correspondence in German, including email and many more.

It’s another excellent book that fills you!

German For Dummies, (with CD) 2nd Edition

This book provides an easy way to learn the captivating language of German with mixed audio clips.


This book provides for the total beginner, advances you to basic grammar, and upgrading your conversation. It includes combined audio clips for you to listen and absorb pronunciations in real-life communications.

Fun and comfort your way into German fluency, through phonetic spellings, following expressions, and vocabulary that increases your German pronunciation than you could imagine.

Grab yours now!

Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage 5th Edition

This material is the most comprehensive, and user-friendly grammar, perfect for students and teachers.


It benefits the learners and teachers with a complete guide to German as it is written and speaks today.

Includes explicit and compact descriptions of all the main grammatical features of German, and highlighting the most basic forms of usage. Its sequence of reference grammar of current usage will prove valuable to students and teachers.

With Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage, you can learn German grammar complexity with ease.

Speak German in 90 Days: A Self Study Guide to Becoming Fluent 2nd Edition

Why buy a book that solely teaches basic entry-level German grammar when you can learn the German language with this whole book?

One book says it all!


Speak German in 90 Days is a thorough self-study guide, and prepares learners the equivalent of two years of college-level German course. It includes pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary nuances, and idiomatic expressions.

Does it valuable? It can also be practiced by average students to brush up on grammar structure and vocabulary words.

Make your language learning to the extent.

2000 Most Common German Words in Context

Do you like studying for a method that makes you learn fast without taking shortcuts? Well, take a grab on this book.


2000 Most Common German Words in Context is a comprehensive manual with tips and know-how to improve your learning. It combines a list of 2000 common words in German along with translations, and example sentences for each word (both German and English).

It’s the best means for learning the German language going to fluency.

German Grammar Drills

It specializes in German grammar structures, which helps you to learn grammatical complexities.

German Grammar Drills augments your knowledge and heightens your ability to read, write, and converse in German.


This book presents essential grammar concepts, with practical examples to illustrate correct usage. You will flex your grammar skills with the lessons covered in each section.

This new edition offers more than 200 exercises conducted by an answer key, genuine examples to demonstrate correct grammar usage and new study segments that will speed-up your grammar comprehension.

With this manual, you can grasp and leverage your grammar fluency than any other.

Practice Makes Perfect German Sentence Builder (Practice Makes Perfect Series) 1st Edition

Are you looking for a unique source to supply you with the advance method in learning the German language?

Expect it here!


This book contains where other grammar books fail, supplying you with a variety of structures and equip you to understand each case to make compressed sentences. You can find clear examples, various realistic examples, and dozens of possibilities to practice.

German Demystified: A Self Teaching Guide 1st Edition

Wanting to speak German but unable to distinguish the difference between a strudel and a schnauzer?

With German Demystified you’ll catch language skills so swiftly.


This book contains the building blocks of your new German language skills. It has twenty chapters that comprise key grammar topics. This book focuses on complex grammar differences, including primary verb tenses, essential vocabulary, and grammar rules of adjectives, and adverbs.

This model makes learning easy, simple, and fun.

English Grammar for Students of German 5th Edition

Learning a German language but can’t find a better source?

This edition is a compelling source of self-study design for students of German.


Each chapter covers a grammar point, and grammatical term that includes tense, conjugation, declension, and gender. Each chapter has two sections English and German. Points out relations, variations, and informs students to deadfalls.

This guide able you to understand Grammar sentences and helps you to speak German without feeling intimidated.

501 German Verbs 21st printing Edition

Since the German language has Grammar complexities, this version is directing on German verbs, which enables you to learn conveniently with efficiency.

This model is a more reliable source of producing a comprehensive method in learning the German language.


In this edition, you will find an order of verbs according to the verb rules, along with a section on prefix verbs mode, and auxiliaries.

An attached feature in this edition is a set of 27 verb questionnaires with answers demonstrated.

This book, with its stress on the grammatical form, makes a student easy to learn German grammatical rules to advanced lessons in the German language.

Essential German Grammar (Essential Language Grammars) (Volume 1)

The Essential German Grammar is a student-friendly German grammar source intended to provide learners a solid base on which to construct their German communication abilities.


This book comprises with the reference grammar division which is simple to use, with explicit demonstrations, genuine examples, and visually appealing charts. A separate exercise section enables students to examine themselves and put into practice what they have acquired.

It is very significant for every student when coping in the German language.

German Quickly: A Grammar for Reading German (American University Studies) 7th Edition

This book is a precise and clear textbook. It illustrates the fundamentals for reading German literary and educated texts of all levels of complexity.


The grammar explanations are accurate, designating typical problems in German grammar. It covers thorough and fun reading preferences consisting of aphorisms and proverbs. Also, twelve appendices that contain a summary of German grammar, groups of German dictionaries, an answer keys, tactics for learning German, and understandings vocabulary segment of around 3,800 words.

It is helpful to learners without knowledge of the German language and serves as a sourcebook for students.

The Big Yellow Book of German Verbs (Book w/CD-ROM): 555 Fully Conjugated Verbs (Big Book of Verbs) 1st Edition

This essential guide will nourish your conjugate verbs with ease, enabling you to communicate in German confidently.


It includes 555 fully conjugated verbs arranged alphabetically, popular idioms and expressions for every verb, 50 verbs with examples of their rule in context, CD- ROM, and more than 4,200 verbs cross-referenced to conjugation forms and more.

This textbook produces for starters through advanced learning.

German Made Simple: Learn to speak and understand German quickly and easily

Learning German is made easy with this textbook, designed for any learners, especially to fresh learners.


It combines with the basics of German grammar and modern German vocabulary. It added the pronunciation guide, reading practices, Germany economic details, general German expressions and activities, complete answer key, and German-English dictionary.

German Made Simple is the ideal book for each self-learner.

What is the best German book for starters?

Learning German grammar can be challenging, but an excellent textbook can nourish you with the fundamentals.

While there are many options available, these are among the most reliable German grammar books out there. These books are functional, precise in their explanations, and yield the knowledge in a method, that any German language student can learn.

You can watch this video to get you started:Learn German For Beginners ?? The Complete Course (Level A.1) | Get Germanized

Here are the 5 best German books for beginners you can choose from;

Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage

A set of German students have discovered \”Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage\” to be a valuable means. It is one of the most far-reaching books you’ll find perfect for beginners and any level. This is an excellent material for your language learning journey.

The Everything Learning German Book

This textbook is for the primary German learner who wants to learn German fluently. The standout success in this book is the inserted CD for enhancing your pronunciation and listening to the German language. It is a beginner guide that is valuable to purchase.

German Made Simple

The “German Made Simple” book is the perfect alternative if you count yourself a self-learner. It victuals to learning the basics, but the purpose is to pick up standard phrases fast.

It includes several reading activities, where you can flex your answer, and the pronunciation model guides speaking words the right way. It is helpful for starters who aim to get better results.

Living Language German, Complete Edition

This “Living Language German,” is an all-in-one German learning book since it offers an easily absorbable guide for anyone from novices to advanced German speakers. It’s one of the more complete alternatives, where you can begin with grasping and going to a fluent speaker.

German Easy Reader: Super 500 (German Edition)

It is based on the 500 most common words in German, making a beginner learn with ease, and will enable to understand 80% of average German lines.

The German text is along with English translations.

Associating with the core of the German language takes preparation, and your choices are limitless, from German audiobooks to online courses, but nothing compares to a book. Not only can you get them for comparatively cheap, but several of the German books described above come in eBook form easy for learners to view and purchase.

Related Questions:

How to get the utmost of Learning German?

Some learners are very keen on learning the German language at the start, but in the end, a few only succeeded.


Numerous learners don’t know their goals in learning a new language.

The stuff you study from actually signifies whenever you’re learning a language by yourself. You need to make the learning process fun, and that should be fully supply by a well-structured, thoroughly grammar resource.

It’s very frustrating if you like to learn a new language, but the results don’t come as what you expected. Assure that you will get the accurate material for your learning to acquire better results over time.

Secondly, if you don’t have the goal of why you need to study the German language, it might end up for you of wasting this language. Identifying your goal is very important before proceeding with the process.

Look for a resource that guides to evident growth. If you’re not undergoing either of these, it’s time to change your approach for learning.

Is it possible to learn German without taking the course online?

Yes, it is possible to learn the German language without taking the course. However, if you don’t have the patience, strategy, dedication, and time, this might be impossible to reach.

Countless people have achieved in learning German by themselves. German is somewhat more difficult than Spanish, but it’s still pretty straightforward for someone who speaks English. A bunch of grammar and vocabulary will be natural to you.

German for Beginners: Lesson 1 – Alphabet and Phonetics

When learning the German language, the most vital thing is commitment. You must set your goal, and time on your objective language, rest assured you will learn successfully.

The influential applications and references are sometimes unnecessary, if you do not commit though certainly, some are more useful than others.

People choose to learn by themselves without taking the course because they don’t have enough means of spending much on learning a language but have the willingness to learn. Some learn the language by themselves through self-study and searching for essential tips to make it possible.

If you are one of those who chose to learn self-study procedure, assure to find the best resources in the market to help you more winning in this journey.


German is a difficult language to study, by any scholars with its long and rambling words, you might be confused about how to pronounce it accurately. But when you grasp how it goes, it’s worth the effort.

English speakers have the edge in learning the German language as both English and German are nearly similar. They have several related aspects that make it easier to learn for English learners.

On the other hand, you can learn by yourself but, you should have sufficient material on your language journey. The strategy of learning by yourself is very vital.

With the right references to study, you can learn proper German grammar and increase your fluency in the language.

Above all, these thoughts and insights mentioned a while ago serve only a guide for you in learning the German language. Whether you are taking the course, spend much or choosing to self-study, looking for the best German books out there is a great help when learning the German language.

If you have a willingness to learn the German language and searching for some helpful tips to guide you, this post is modestly perfect for you.

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