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Choosing a school for studying Spanish in Spain is not that easy. There are lots of schools with different characteristics and price ranges. That is why you have to be very careful when choosing the right school for your taste. The first thing you have to consider is the cost of the course. You should pay attention to the costs of staying in a particular school. The price for residing in a Spanish hotel, or living with a Spanish family is very different from each other. Accommodation prices are more expensive in Madrid, Barcelona, and Costa Brava; it is cheaper if you choose Sevilla or San Sebastian as your study destination. And the prices of food are much higher in the Canary Islands as compared to other Spanish cities.

1. Understanding the various options of schools

You need to understand all the options that are available for you before making your decision about the school. You should be able to see if all schools are offering you a variety of options to choose from. You will have many options in deciding the destination of your study

2. Location

When you are choosing a school for studying Spanish, you will have to decide on the location of the school. You should choose a location where you think it will be easy for you to travel around and get familiar with the surroundings.

3. Choosing an accredited Spanish language school

Accreditation is an important factor when choosing a school for studying abroad. Many language schools provide official documents proving the quality of education that they offer. The modern or traditional method of teaching and learning should be taken into account while choosing your course in Spain.

4. Choosing a school that suits your taste

You should choose a school where you are fond of studying. If you like the activities and facilities that are provided by the school, then there is no reason for you to worry about your studying experience in Spain.

5. Choosing a school as per your budget

You need to set your budget before choosing the school. It is better to ensure that your budget allows you to live comfortably in a school with Spanish students rather than on your own.

6. Choosing a school according to the recommendations of other students

You should choose a school in which you have heard about from the other students who have already studied in Spain. It is very important that you choose a school where you will feel comfortable and can handle your studies in Spain well.

7. Choosing a school based on its facilities and activities

There are many interesting Spanish language schools that offer an array of activities for students to enjoy their learning experience in Spain. You should look for a school that is entertaining and offers many facilities to students. After all, studying abroad is not just about learning the Spanish language.

8. Choosing a school in which you can learn Spanish and live like a Spaniard

One of the most important things when choosing a school for studying Spanish is to see how you will be able to learn and experience it like a Spaniard. It is also important that you get an insight into the culture, food, lifestyle, etc. of the Spanish people.

9. Choosing a school where you can enjoy yourself

Finally, you need to choose a school where you can enjoy your time at the fullest. There are many schools that offer different types of activities for students such as going out for parties, attending Spanish language classes, and other fun-filled activities.

10. Selecting a school according to your level of Spanish

It is also important to select a school that is appropriate for your Spanish language level. If you want to learn Spanish before traveling abroad, you should choose a high-level course. You can choose a basic course if you will be traveling later.

11. Are you looking for short courses or long courses

Another important point that you need to consider while choosing Spanish schools is whether or not you want to look for short or long courses. Spanish courses can be short, medium or long. A short course is one that lasts for a month or less than that. On the other hand, a long course can last for more than three months in a school.

12. Are you looking for a language school associated with Cervantes Institute

Cervantes Institute is an organization that works towards spreading Spanish culture throughout the world. If you want to learn the Spanish language, then you should choose a school that is operated by Cervantes Institute. It is a good way of generating new opportunities for communication and understanding.

13. Choosing a school that specializes in the Spanish language

You should also consider the specialization of schools when choosing a Spanish language course. There are many different types of courses such as Spanish language courses for adults and teenagers, language schools for foreigners, etc. You should choose a school that offers the type of course that is suitable for you.

14. Choosing a Spanish language school that offers accommodation.

If you are looking for accommodation in Spain, then you should choose a Spanish language school that offers accommodation to students. You can choose a school that has its own hostel or dormitory. You can also choose to stay in a shared accommodation where you share your room with other students.

15. How many students are studying in the school

You should consider how many learners will be studying in your chosen Spanish language school. If you are looking for a language course for a small group of students, then you should choose a medium-sized school.

16. What kind of Spanish language courses are available

You can choose a language course that will help you improve your skills in the Spanish language. There are many different types of languages that you can choose from. Your Spanish language course should be suitable for your learning purpose.

17. Are you looking for intensive courses?

One of the most popular types of Spanish courses is an intensive one or a crash course. You should choose a Spanish language course that offers a meaningful learning experience and can give you the skills to communicate with Spanish speakers.


There can be a lot of difficulties in deciding the best school for you. It is therefore important to take the above-mentioned points into consideration while making a choice. You need to be careful while choosing a Spanish language school. You should look at the above-mentioned points. The main advantage of choosing a Spanish language school is that it can be affordable for most people. It will also offer you a good opportunity to learn the Spanish language in an efficient way.

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