Top 12 French Songs that will Make Learning French Simple & Fun

French songs are perfect for studying the language and culture because the lyrics often express the idioms and colloquialisms that help learners with the comprehension of key vocabulary, grammar rules, and phrasal verbs.

 I’m confident that you’re looking for a quick and simple way to improve your word stock, right? Then you came to the right place. We’ve done all the hard work for you by compiling the best of the best French song albums to help you start learning fast. They’ll help you pick up the dialect quickly and recollect words effortlessly. You don’t have to waste your time trying to figure out which french music album is the best. 

 If you want to grasp a new dialect quickly, one of the best ways to do so is by listening to music albums in that language and watching the videos. Most of us master new dialects through immersion and exposure to music and videos in our tongues. By picking upping the tune and pronouncing them correctly, they can mimic them while studying the terms used and the meanings behind them.

 This article contains a list of the top 12 best French album songs  – from folk tracks, love tracks, and children’s favorite tracks to famous opera, musicals, and pop, all in French and included with a short analysis of each one to help you become proficient in French more effectively. These musical albums are all fun, and useful in boosting your memory and helping make comprehending French much easier. They are remarkable for beginners new to French.

Why should you learn French through songs?

French isn’t only used in France. In fact, over half of the world’s population speaks French. Every day, you pick up French spoken and read it in newspapers, magazines, on television, and on the Internet. French is spoken by millions in France alone. In addition, French is spoken in Paris, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and many countries throughout Africa. It’s also spoken in parts of Europe (e.g., Spain, Portugal), the Americas (e.g., Mexico, Argentina, Chile), and Asia (e.g., China, Japan). By mastering French, you increase your knowledge about French, your ability to speak in a foreign country, travel more, and your comprehension of the world.

One of the best ways to learn a new dialect fast is through French songs. You can also become proficient by listening to other natives. However, music is a universal language, and when you put music and new words together, it is impossible not to learn something. So why choose to approach learning French through melodies? Here are the best reasons why you should learn French through melodies:

1. It’s fun. French music can be fun, but they also help with making your French education process a fun, fast and enjoyable one. Absorbing French through music helps you learn the words and phrases easily.

2. It makes learning French easier, helps you understand it faster and takes away the cost of spending too much on textbooks and other materials. It helps you become competent in French at your pace while listening to music.

3. It helps with pronunciation of French words. Whether you’re taking up French for fun or business, there’s no better way to understand a language faster than through music. Musical albums have a rhythm that can be simple to follow and they’re written in such a way that the pronunciation comes naturally. Humming along makes them even more memorable and the act of learning to sing along to a new melody gives you the chance to practice and learn pronunciation, which means the more you do it the easier it becomes.

4. It helps improve your French. Educating yourself in French through music helps you get new French words to add to your word stock.

5. It helps with communication. Studying French through music can also help you develop your listening skills, and helps you retain the information that is being taught. Understanding the words in each piece will help you connect to the song and communicate better with the singer and listeners. 

How to Learn French through Songs

In today’s digital world, we’re inundated with information—from the weather report to the latest social media updates. But as it turns out, some of our most important knowledge comes from something as simple as music. Whether it’s playing a piece that speaks to you or hearing a memorable tune in the gym, it is a great way to understand new ideas, and even language. In this section, we’ll look at the best practices to use when learning French. Here are three ways to gain an understanding of French through songs:

1. Choose a song you like.

If it is your favorite, you will enjoy listening to it. Don’t just choose it because it sounds nice – choose it because it is simple to comprehend and remember. You should also choose pieces that have similar rhythm patterns and pitches to those in your native language, so you can grasp the words and grammar in the song. 

2. Sing along with the song.

If you sing along with the music, you will enjoy listening to the the song. This will make you feel more comfortable with the language. You will also notice that the words get easier when they are sung along with the music.  

3. Memorize it.

If you know the lyrics of the song, you can memorize them, and they will help you remember the language. You can also memorize the lyrics by looking them up on the internet.  Memorizing the lyrics is also a great way to improve your vocabulary as a learner because you will become familiar with the words while you are learning them. 

Top 12 French Songs That will Make Learning French Fun

One of the best ways for a new learner to know French faster is through music. Music has been proven to be an effective way of taking in and memorizing information. It can also be fun! Music is a natural part of our lives, so it’s easy for us to comprehend. With this in mind, we’re going to share with you a list of some of our favorite albums in French. You can download them too. We’ve included these because they are fun to sing. Here is a list of the top 12 french songs that will help you grasp French easily:

1. La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf

This piece is a great resource that can help boost your brain in remembering french terms and phrases. La vie en rose is a song by Edith Piaf. The song tells of a woman who leaves home after a painful breakup and wanders around searching for herself. While she is looking for someone who will be there for her, no one seems to notice her. She feels as if no one really cares about her or her problems. La Vie En Rose is very memorable and is written in the chanson style, a specific form of verse that is very similar to haiku.

2. Je Veux by ZAZ

“Je veux” is a song that many French knows and enjoy singing, although I am certain that it’s not something everyone talks about. But this song really gives you an insight into the French culture and is also perfect to help you start adding new terms to your vocabulary. 

This is a fun song to sing. It has a great message, and you’ll enjoy singing it. These are all phrases and terms that you’d hear in everyday French conversation, making them useful for learners new to the language.

3. A Coup de Rêves by Ben L’Oncle Soul

It’s almost certain you’ve heard L’Oncle Soul’s A Coup de Rêves at some point. Even if you haven’t, you can enjoy this song on YouTube easily. The main reason for its popularity is that it has a fantastic groove and simple lyrics. Another reason is that it’s one of those rare songs that everyone can sing along to. To many, it’s just a fun song. L’Oncle’s A Coup de Rêves simple lyrics make it a good learning aid for French learners.

4. Aficionado by BB Brunes

Asicionado by BB Brunes is the favourite among the French community. BB Brunes’ Aficionado is great because it’s so simple, slow, and clear. It takes you in and keeps you there. And if you don’t know all the expressions used yet, you won’t even realize that you don’t know them. You’ll be humming along all day long.

5. Elle Me Dit by Mika

If you are not familiar with this French song, it’s a very famous song. And if you don’t know French, you can still enjoy it. This song by Mika is painless to connect with and comprehend, making it one of the top choices for who want to master French through songs.

6. La Tribu de Dana by Manau

La Tribu de Dana is about the fight of the Dana tribe versus the celtic warrior tribe. It tells the story of a battle that took place somewhere in France, in the middle of the first millennium AD. The Dana tribe is led by Dana, the founder of the tribe. He fights to protect his tribe and to save them from being enslaved by the celtic warriors. Manau’s La Tribu de Dana is very simple to comprehend, making it one best picks for people who want to master French through songs.

7. Sous le Ciel de Paris by Yves Montand

Although he was born in France, Yves Montand spent the majority of his life in Italy, and the influence of his Italian culture was very evident in his life and music. Montand was a prolific artist, both as a singer and film actor. In addition to his many memorable songs, he made many feature films and TV series.  The lyrics of this French song are simple enough. But it’s the story that makes this song so great.

8. Champs Élysées by Joe Dassin

Joe Dassin is a singer & songwriter from France. His signature song Champs Elysées was released in 1969. Since then, it’s become a classic. Champs Elysées means Elysian Fields, which also means a paradise in Greek mythology. Dassin’s Champs Elysées is one of the best French songs out there. So what makes it the perfect pick for french novices? It begins with an upbeat rhythm and then slowly builds to a powerful chorus. The chorus is easy to take in, and the verses follow a familiar pattern. The melody is memorable and easy to memorize. The words are also simple to comprehend and help boost your memory. There are no difficult French terms here.

9. Il Est Temps by Kyo

I’m not usually a fan of Kyo, but this song is memorable and gets me tapping my feet every time I hear it. I think the song’s message is pretty straight-forward: \”Il est temps\” is the French word for it is time. It’s a very good song for French learners to listen to and it sticks to the brain fast.

10. Color Gitano by Kendji Girac

Color Gitano by Kendji Giracis in French, but you don’t need to recognize it to enjoy it. Its title and many of its lyrics are in Spanish, and the whole song sounds like it is written in the typical Latin style. It is rich in culture and very catchy, and I can imagine it being popular among fans of Latin music. Kendji Girac’s Color Gitano is about an old gitano, and Kendji says he is proud to be one of them and he loves his people. This is a perfect song for aspiring French speakers.

11. Dernière Danse by Indila

Indila’s releases often includes themes such as love and heartbreak, but you don’t have to understand French to enjoy them. Indila’s Dernière Danse is a must-listen-to for every aspiring French speaker. Some of Indila’s other releases include SOS and Tourner Dans le Vide. Indila’s clear vocals in Dernière Danse are perfect for grasping new French terms. Dernière Danse is a slow-paced song which is sung very softly, so you can pick out the lines and learn about how Indila sings a lot to drown her sorrows.

12. Papaoutai by Stromae

Papaoutai is a creative masterpiece from the artiste. He is an interesting artist because his releases are a bit unconventional. His works can range from a little depressing to a little catchy. He has a strange style. Stromae’s songs are often in a different key than other artists songs, but they all sound good. He can also talk about some serious issues in a very casual way.The word Papaoutai (pronounced “pa-PAH-oh-TAH”) is a colloquialism that means “it’s all good. Papaoutai is a good resource to help newbies become proficient French speakers.

13. Je t’aime by Serge Gainsbourg

It is a song of great tenderness and melancholy. The lyrics are a declaration of love, a declaration of faith in the other person. The song is about a person who has lost his or her love, and he or she is looking for the lost love. The person sings about the fact that he or she still loves the other person.

With this list, you can go on to create your own playlist and start learning through them.


We just finished looking at 12 best French songs to help beginners grasp French easily. I hope these top 12 French songs will help with your comprehension of French, especially when you are preparing for your exams or trying to improve your French conversation skills with other natives. You can download and listen to them on your mobile phones. I’m sure you enjoyed this article. Please share with your friends and others who may need it. If you require any clarification or clarifications rising from this article, drop them in the comment box, and you’ll get a response as soon as possible.

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