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Let’s face it. Learning a new language takes time and effort. And involves a lot of frustration of trial-and-error. It is just the nature of learning. Luckily with new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) your learning success is possible faster than ever before.

Here is the main problem with online learning apps: they usually are very bad at predicting how good you already are. Knowing how much you already know about a language is a key element for your learning success. While studying at a real language school with teachers enables them to evaluate your skills – traditional language apps fail to do so most of the time.

Here are two things that usually happen with language apps. You start out learning very basic words and grammar that you are already familiar with and you get bored fast because you already know how to say “Thank you!” and “Goodbye!”

Or on the other hand jump into lessons and yourself with tons of things you don’t know, a lot of difficult words and grammar you have never used before and you get very fast frustrated because you feel overwhelmed with the material you do not know yet.

Both experiences will not help you to understand your real current level of language skills and where you need to improve yourself step by step in a way that will give you the impression of real progress towards mastering a language.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) this can be now a thing of the past. The profound difference with AI is that is now possible to learn words, phrases, and grammar based on what it’s statistical relevance – to you!

Smart algorithms are able to keep track of your real progress. They basically learn from your behavior what is easy for you to remember and then focus on helping you only with the grammar and words that you seem to have difficulties with. And no – it is not repeating over and over again the same questions and answers. It is about presenting your patterns and structures so you understand the logic and feel of the language.

Lingvist is one of the language apps that is a forerunner in using AI. It evaluations your skill at any age or fluency level and gives you the right start to learn exactly at the level you need to learn in order to see real improvement in your language skill – fast.

Lingvist, founded by a CERN scientist together with Skype engineers and some other pretty smart people, is the first language learning tool that brings Artificial Intelligence to the table. It will speed up your learning success like never before. You will revise and memorize words using real-life examples. You will understand grammar faster. Their slogan “Language learning at light speed” seems to be no empty promise. The app will show you explanations only when you need them to understand and correct yourself.

The best thing is just to try it out and see it for yourself. Lingvist is available as a web version at or at your app stores for Android or Apple devices. We at can highly recommend it.

Some people might ask: Is learning a language by an app not a bit of a lonely thing?

Learning languages will never be completely replaced by just using an app.

To experience the best language success it still requires interaction with others, so meeting people by joining a local language course at a language school in an exciting destination of your choice will be the most rewarding thing you will ever do.

Using an app such as Lingvist will help you to retain and enhance your language success and help you to achieve your goal faster than ever before – in combination with your other offline language activities.

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