The 6 Cheapest Spanish Schools in Spain

Spain’s low cost of living makes it a cheap place to study Spanish. There are many cheap Spanish language schools in Spain that will fit right into your budget for studying abroad. Some Spanish language schools in Spain offer cheap courses in the country’s major cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona. Other schools offer a […]

How To Flirt In Spanish: 30+ Easy Phrases and Basic Vocabulary

Before you know it, they’ll be attracted to you like magnets! So what are some phrases one can use when attempting to flirt in Spanish? Here are 30 phrases paired with phonetic pronunciation – all together making up basic vocabulary that should be known by anyone who wants to flirt in Spanish. Before you know […]

Memorize Spanish Vocabulary Using Mnemonics

Spanish mnemonics are a great way to learn Spanish vocabulary, and we’ll show you how. Memorizing words using mnemonics is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries in many different areas of life. The mnemonic system allows the learner to create a mental picture that will help them remember the word’s meaning and […]

What is the fastest way to become fluent in Spanish?

Is it true you can try to pick up any language in 6 months? This is not easy. There are many who have tried and failed, while others have succeeded. What’s the secret? Some say that the key to success is total immersion. Others suggest it’s all about dedication and hard work. And, of course, […]

The 7 Mexican Slang Greetings You Should Avoid

Mexican culture is rich and vibrant, but not everyone knows how to greet people in the language of Mexico. Here are 10 Mexican slang words you might want to avoid if you’re running for public office (or if you don’t know the recipient well). But they can be a casual form of greeting among friends […]