Is it hard to learn Arabic? The Beginner’s Guide

Most people may be keen to know the hard and easy ways of learning the Arabic language which is proving ways to be at par with other languages recognized globally. Over the years, learning Arabic is gaining traction among young people who are yearning to speak a more exotic language. The question of whether it […]

Is Dutch Really Easier Than Spanish?

What is the fuss over Dutch a complicated language to learn? I do not understand. As far as my knowledge goes about the language, it is native to the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname and the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten. Comparatively speaking, the Dutch do not have as many grammatical cases as the […]

Can You Become Fluent with Memrise?

Yes, definitely! Memrise is a language platform founded in 2010 which is being used in 189 countries by over 40 million people. These statistics show user satisfaction. Unlike textbooks, Memrise offers rich, real-life language content and a spiced-up combo of technology and science all tossed up in a whole new world of fun. The teachers […]

Can Japanese and Korean understand each other’s languages?

Korean and Japanese are two different languages that are used in two different countries. The countries of Japan and Korea are geographically very close to each other.  Upon their first glance, many people think two languages look similar. They assume the countries and their cultures are similar, too. The question is just how similar are […]