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Youtube is simply a goldmine when it comes to learning new things, grasping concepts, and understanding anything ranging from basic to advanced. And, with the abundance of materials and resources, learning the Spanish language certainly gets easier than ever.

Being able to speak Spanish fluently is crucial, even if you have no intentions of traveling to a Spanish-speaking country. But, learning a foreign language can unlock doors of success. You can watch movies, listen to music, or read books in their original form without needing subtitles or translations. And this includes the people who make the language, including authors and celebrities.

Want to learn Spanish on youtube?

There are plenty of youtube videos about Spanish. It is the second most-used search engine on the Internet, and this means that there is a huge influx of Spanish teachers, offering free Spanish videos for learners to watch. You can learn a lot from watching these videos as they usually follow a specific curriculum so you’ll know where to start from.

If you want to learn Spanish, Youtube is the first place I recommend you go.


Not only can you find great videos made by real teachers, but you can also search for some of your favorite celebrities like Shakira or Rafael Nadal and watch them speak in their native language. You’ll see that this will make learning Spanish a lot more fun and you might even put forth more effort as well.

You can search for “Spanish with Shakira”, “Learn Spanish with Rafael Nadal” or just type in the language and names of your favorite celebrities. This way, you’ll see that reaching your goal is easier than it looks and, don’t worry:

The benefits of learning Spanish are your ticket to travel, discover new cultures, understand Hispanic literature, and be able to communicate with more than 400 million native speakers. If you want to learn the language, the best place is on the Internet as it offers free lessons that can teach you how to speak Spanish fluently.

You can watch videos, listen to audio clips, and even read text online to get a strong grip by practicing at home. But if you are unsure where to start, there are some websites that can get you started.

You just have to be careful when choosing the best videos because not all of them are good, but this article can help you with that.

YouTube can also be used to find video lessons with subtitles for free. This is a good option if you intend to brush up on your skills especially if you have a busy schedule and do not want to go through the hassle of going out and finding a tutor—or even pay for regular sessions. You can always search for specific things such as how to count in Spanish, pronunciation among other things based on your previous knowledge or what you would like to learn about.

On YouTube, you can also find channels created by professional teachers who offer customized lessons for their students so they would not have to go out of their homes or spend lots of money just to learn Spanish. These instructors usually conduct live classes on various topics such as traveling in Spain, locating places using maps among other things. It will help you gain confidence when talking with native speakers because these teachers provide plenty of examples based on real-life situations which you might encounter once you visit Spain.

Best Free Spanish Lessons Online Youtube

There are many YouTube channels that teach people about the Spanish language through videos. This means it will be better for you to watch different clips until you find one which works best with your learning style. Here are some of the top-rated YouTube channels:

1) Benny Lewis Speaking Fluent Spanish

This channel has more than 100,000 subscribers so it is a good place to start if you wish to learn more about the local language. Every new video on his page details everything there is to know about speaking fluently without having to worry too much about mispronouncing words or phrases.

2) Español Cantando

This Youtube channel contains dozens of songs in English and their translated versions are sung by native speakers. There are also videos of people singing the lyrics in Spanish with laser lights which can be used as an aid for students learning to speak this language. It is one of the most popular channels on YouTube because it gives you a chance to understand different aspects of the culture by simply watching videos that contain songs with lyrics.

3) Conjuguemos

This channel contains lessons for beginners and those who would like to brush up on their skills because it covers grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and more. There are different videos that explain how the language works so users will not have a hard time getting used to the language once they understand everything there is to know about it.

4) Spanish Dude

This channel may be new but it is one of the most popular among students because its videos are as helpful as those broadcasted on mainstream media sites. The lessons include words and phrases that can be used to communicate with people from other parts of Spain so users will not have a hard time understanding what others mean once they watch these clips.

5) Maria Espanol

Maria Espanol is a YouTube channel that offers customized Spanish lessons. It has both free and premium services which are designed for children, teenagers, young adults—as well as professionals who would like to learn the language on more advanced levels. Maria holds classes using basic materials such as photos or drawings so she can easily explain difficult things about the language in an entertaining way.

6) Coffee Break Spanish

This channel on YouTube focuses more on the basics of Spanish by providing audio lessons that are relaxing so you will not notice how quickly time passes as you follow the video clips. The videos have various topics starting with greetings, numbers, names—and ending up with more complex things like prepositions and expressions. They also provide dialogues between native speakers to familiarize users with different accents of the language.

7) The Language Lab

This is a YouTube channel that offers engaging Spanish lessons to help students learn the language with ease. There are video clips of different topics such as basic greetings, asking for directions, and holiday-related conversations so you can practice your vocabulary as well as pronunciation especially when it comes to difficult words or sounds.

8) Cortina de Humo

This channel provides free Spanish lessons online particularly for students but even beginners will find it helpful because of its simplicity. All you need to do is click on the link then select Lesson 1 where you will see all of Cortina’s lessons listed starting with basic words up to questions plus audio files of her voice speaking at different speeds so you can practice your pronunciation.

9) Somos Nuevos En …

This channel on YouTube offers customized Spanish lessons for people who would like to learn the language especially if they are going to travel to Spain. The videos uploaded on this page show various topics starting with “What is it?” and ending up with more complicated things such as countries and their capitals. All the lessons are in Spanish with English translations for extra clarity and subtitles in both languages so you can better understand what is being taught in the videos.

10) Spanish Obsessed

This channel is a great way to learn Spanish without going to a classroom because videos are available anytime and anywhere. The lessons, which focus on different grammar concepts, contain exercises that students can use for practice plus topics such as holidays in Spain, everyday phrases, and more—helping them prepare before the trip to this country.

Final Words

By using these YouTube channels, anyone can learn the Spanish language easily even if they are not at a young age where they naturally absorb information about different subjects. You just have to watch different videos that contain all of the materials you need so it will be easier for you to understand why learning this language is important.

Learn the Spanish language skills on Youtube and get set to become a native Spanish. Browse through the Youtube channels and hopefully, you will be able to land on a suitable one. Alternatively, feel free to follow our recommendations that are especially narrowed down for you from a huge collection of Youtube channels.

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